Thursday, April 07, 2016

Two Thumbs Way Up!

Good evening, it is Thursday.

Hansen, Lillie, and I just returned from our very first trip to Texas! What do we remember? We remember...The Alamo! And family. Mostly family. We spent six days hanging out with the folks we see the least. The three of us squeezed easily into my parent's little Austin condo. We had a very comfortable and enjoyable stay. We stayed up very late playing cards and watching movies, and we woke up early to go on walks and see the city. And in between we got to visit Amber, Chuck, Aurora, and Clark. I took so many pictures, here are a few:
Getting ready to fly out of Seattle! The kids just have not been on too many airplanes.
My parents were waiting for us at the airport. So was Finley. Finley is my parent's new pup. He is a very fun little guy.
Straight from the airport to Amber's house! It took all of ten seconds and Aurora and Clark were changed into the Seattle shirts we brought down for them. Hi Aurora!
Hi Clarkie! This photo was anything but a sure thing. Clark knows how to move. Clarkie and Aurora are super kids for sure!
A walk around the neighborhood. Aurora was very cute, she didn't want me to take this picture till she could unzip her sweatshirt and show off her new Seattle Mariners t-shirt. Clarkie was like a little green hoodie flying all over the place:)
In case we forgot where we were. The grocery store we shopped was called H.E.B. No, we didn't bring home a Texas bird bath.
Zilker Park and Lady Bird Lake. We did it all. Two thumbs way up!
We took boat tour on Lady Bird lake. The city of Austin is very nice. I will be curious to see the pictures that Hansen took on this trip. Hansen takes artistic photos for sure. Every time the tour guide says, "get out your camera", Hansen puts his away. I like that kid. 
Like here. This shot of Austin will not be on Hansen's camera. Me on the other hand, I'm a sucker for tour guided mediocrity.
Stevie Ray Vaughan even got to hang out with Aurora, Clarkie, Lillie, and Hansen! 
After all this touring, we were all dog tired! Tired like Fin buddy. Finley is a wire haired dachshund. Lillie says Fin buddy is the cutest of them all. On the flight home Lillie said that she never wants to ride in a car without a Finley pup ever again!
How about some live music? They say Austin is the live music capital of Texas. Or maybe the world. This is the whole gang out at a free live concert at the park. 
Apples to Apples! We played this game with the Wadey family a couple of times. Chuck is a natural at this game. Strangely (or maybe not strangely) the only other person I've ever seen dominate this game as Chuck did is also married to a Slane. Yup, I'm talking about Maren. Speaking of Maren, she is in Denver right now at a Library conference. She got to take part in a speaking panel as well as seeing Anderson Cooper in person!  
Aurora thoroughly enjoyed having Lillie do her nails.  
We met Amber at work and then took a tour of the Capital building in Austin. Texas is a very proud state for sure. The lady giving the tour and talking about the founders and famous Texans never once said "they" was always "we" or "us". 
Hi from the the capital of Texas. I purchased a deck of cards. I passed on all the fancy hats and shirts with sayings such as Davy Crockett's "You may all go to Hell, and I will go to Texas", or "Come and take it". Our tour guide made sure to make it a point to only call Davy Crockett, David Crockett. And we learned that a little later the British did actually "come and take it", but the boldness in this line symbolizes the Texas revolution.
Hearts! We played a few good games of Hearts. Lillie played till she wore out, then the rest of us kept playing. 
My dad was the best player of the bunch, but this score card does exist. Yup, I actually ran the last two consecutive rounds to win this game! When packing this score card he reminded me of the other three score cards that clearly showed him as the winner...what score cards? Hah.
Pee Wee Herman?!? The night before we ventured down to the Alamo, we watched this movie. What do you remember kid? I remember the Alamo! Woo Hoo!
Hi Mom! The Alamo was very cool. I got to drive the gang down to San Antonio. It was like we took a right turn, and boom, we were in front of the Alamo.
This shot of Lillie and Hansen is all Alamo. If you could see what they are looking at, or if I stretched the sides of this photo to show the surrounds, all you would see is modern shopping. It is really something how the world just built around this little mission building.
The San Antonio River Walk is really amazing. The colors and the surrounds are beautiful.  
LBJ. We toured the Linden B. Johnson Presidential Library on the University of Texas at Austin campus. Here LBJ is giving me the treatment? The museum was very interesting. Included was a replica of his Oval Office, his actual Limousine, floors of archived papers, what the world was like during his presidency, and Lady Bird's office is exactly as it was when she used it after the museum was built. 
Spider-man memory. It is really amazing watching Lillie, Amber, and Aurora just know exactly where all the matchers are! My dad and I were like, "what?" and the girls were "matcher, matcher, matcher." Amazing. Clarkie would turn the very same card over every time, but he did find the matcher to it eventually!
Getting to do a little uncle-ing! Aurora's huge smile kind of sums up our whole visit. My parents and the Wadeys treated us like royalty. We were treated to great dinners, fun activities, and a really super vacation. Thank you!

See you tomorrow.


Susanna Powers said...

Dear Julian, thanks for posting all these cute photos, looks like a happy occasion! I have been to San Antonio a few years back, but not Austin. Someday! Love, susanna

Ellen said...

We all loved having you, Hansen, and Lillie visit us in Austin. It was great to see you and we had fun showing you around. And you are definitely an amazing Hearts player!

Amber said...

Matcher, Matcher, Matcher. This is the best blog post ever!!! Y'all come back now, ya hear?

Julian Slane said...

Hah! Amber, you actually read this blog all the way to the end:) I've since changed a few paragraphs to correct typos and such, but you'd never know. Great visit for sure! Hansen and Lillie really enjoyed themselves, as did I!