Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Silent Auctions, Birthdays, Conventions, and Lots of Construction.

Good evening, it is Tuesday.

We have had a busy few days for sure. Hmm, I seem to start every single blog just like this. Let's change things up. Yesterday wasn't very busy at all...or was it? Hah.
Happy Birthday Stef! With John and Carol living around the corner, it is so easy to have all parties either at their house or at our house. This weekend we wandered up to Redmond to bring the party to Stef.
Yeah, I don't know how old Stef is. Well, actually I do have a clue, but I don't have enough fingers or toes to figure out the math.
These kiddos are actually enjoying watching Spongebob on TV at Stef's place. The Lots of Boring Math Later was actually the episode we were watching.
What is this? A pig swimming in chocolate on top of a cake? Yup, we won this cake, a years supply of bagels, a trip for four to go ice-skating, and an older film camera. Dinner was great too. I'm talking about the silent action and dinner to fund raise for the Youth Mission Trip come the summer.
Nick and Hansen are two of the beneficiaries of the silent auction as they will attend the mission trip. Lillie was given a hat and hung out with these fellas as well. Lillie was instrumental in our winning a years supply of bagels for sure. I mean, we did spend plenty of money this auction, but it is for a good cause.
What is going on outside of our window?
Road crews for days.
This yellow pipe is the new gas main line going in our neighborhood. They have been trenching the roads all around and installing a new gas main. But the main line is only the start. Later they will have to then put gas in the lines and go back and hook up each house to the main line. Supposedly this will be good for the next 100 years. What a project!
Maren and I attended the district caucus for the Democratic party. I was the delegate from the precinct, and Maren was an alternate. Five hours after checking in, Maren went from alternate to an actual delegate!
This yuge gym full of folks was split probably 70/30 Bernie/Hillary. We then divided into four gyms, two for Bernie and two for Hillary. We went to the Hillary camp. The amusing thing to me was how young the majority of the folks in the main gym were, and how old the gym of us Hillary supporters were. LOL. We voted for folks to attend the state Democratic convention who will then run to go to the national convention. Neither Maren or I ran to attend further conventions, but I'd say that our time spent in this political process was interesting for sure.

See you tomorrow.

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Ellen said...

Dad wants to know - what exactly is a year's supply of bagels?