Sunday, April 10, 2016

Pug Print.

Good evening, it is Sunday.

Yesterday we picked Maren up from the airport. She was in Denver with tons of other Librarians for the PLA conference. Maren even got to be on a panel of Librarians and got to talk in front of like the entire Library world! Her friend Judy texted me to let me know how well Maren did! Besides the stressful parts of this conference, there was plenty of fun.
Maren got to meet this famous Pug, Oliver.
Yup, Oliver didn't exactly write the book, but the book is about him.
And Oliver even signed the book for Maren. This is Oliver's actual pug paw print.
How about the joy of standing in this line? Maren did this for Lillie.
Yup, at the front of the line was one of Lille's favorite authors Marissa Meyers. Lillie was very happy to receive this autographed book.
Maren also got this book signed for Hansen. Matthew Quick is a favorite of Hansen's. Yup, meeting authors the kids like is a pretty cool gig.

Of course, getting to see Anderson Cooper in person isn't too shabby either. And going to publisher parties. Maybe catching a play. I wonder if the library world knows how much fun these librarians have at these working conferences? Hmm.
Lillie's latest cake creation. Yup, the littles are Star Wars fans these days. This cake was inspired by a new movie trailer that was just released for this fall's Star Wars movie.
In getting ready for my Wednesday's golf league, I took Hansen out to the course for some practicing. Hansen may get the golf bug yet.
But if he doesn't feel like spending his free time at the golf course, I just put up the hammock for the summer. This hammock may be the exact location for my nap tomorrow after work. Getting back after a great spring break is going to be rough.

See you tomorrow.

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Ellen said...

Some pug! We're glad Maren had a successful conference and got back fine. We sure enjoyed having you and the littles here. I think Finley thought you moved in permanently - now he's totally bummed.