Sunday, April 17, 2016

One Tough Cookie.

Good morning it is Sunday.

This week we did have a couple firsts! Lillie is running track for her middle school, and I started my golf league.
This is the tail end of the 9th fairway at Auburn Golf Course. If I hit my drive and second shots perfectly, this will be my view as I walk to the green for an eagle putt. Last Wednesday this was my view after hitting my 3rd shot. A pushed drive and a low hook 7-iron recovery second shot leaves a smooth 104 yard third shot into this challenging par 5. There were baby ducks in the pond who really didn't care much about my golf game.
Lillie bandaging up her knees after track practice. A hurdler has to start somewhere. Lillie said she cleared six terrifying hurdles before dying on the seventh hurdle. The cinder tracks at the middle school are just not very forgiving on one's skin. Lillie is healing up nicely. To add to her misery, she had braces put on her lower teeth Friday. I'm thinking the sore jaw makes the knees hurt not so much? Lillie is one tough cookie for sure!
Who's birthday is tomorrow? Happy Birthday Aurora!

See you tomorrow.


Ellen said...

Poor Lillie! Hopefully track will be more fun as time goes by. Good luck with the golf league!

Susanna Powers said...

poor kid, she has been through a lot. love, susanna