Saturday, March 26, 2016

Getting Ready.

Good afternoon, it is Saturday.

As the country is getting ready for the next presidential election, today was our state's caucus for the democratic party. Maren and I met up with Carol and 1800 of our neighbors at a local school for our precinct's caucus. By the time we parked, walked, waited, walked, lined up, waited, and got to our little precinct, there were 20 of us to vote for 4 delegates.
We are about halfway through the line, and about 15 minutes after the caucus was to have started at this point. After sitting in a traffic jam halfway to Covington, we choose to park a half mile or so away from the school and walk the rest of the way. This parking decision really was a good choice when it was time to leave.
This is what our initial gym looked like. Every gym and auditorium at this school was filled like this.
Once we got to our corner of our little gym, Maren was even able to find a chair! We ran into some neighbors we knew and friends along the way.
I gave our sign holder a break for a bit. Our precinct ended up with 20 folks. I volunteered to be the reader of the instructions for our precinct...there was a fancier name for my position, and I had to sign the delegate's forms, but I like Reader of Instructions just fine. Upon initial vote, we had 15 vote for Bernie Sanders and 5 vote for Hillary Clinton. Seeing how we had 4 total delegates to divide up, the math worked out. We then debated the candidates a bit and gave some nice speeches, but in the end no votes changed. I volunteered to be the lone Hillary Clinton delegate, and Maren is the alternate! Our next convention will be in a few weeks.
Beyond the race for the White House, we are getting ready for Easter. This is a nice pic of the three kiddos. They did have fun dying eggs.
And like many years in the past, Connor joined in our family fun. It was great to have Connor over, even if he refuses to actively participate in any picture.

See you tomorrow.


Ellen said...

Happy Easter!

Amber said...

Connor's photo participation is definitely not as stellar as your caucus participation! But this is a great post. Can't wait to see Hansen and Lillie smiling for pictures at my table!!!