Thursday, March 10, 2016


Good morning, it is Thursday.

The other day Hansen got to go to Green River College to take the Compass test. This test places prospective Running Start students into class ranges. Hansen scored the highest possible score on the reading section, and extremely high on the math portion. The person reviewing his scores said it is very rare for a student to score at a higher level in math than they are currently taking, which is UW Pre-Calc for Hansen. If Hansen chooses to go to GRC for running start, he should be able to graduate from high school with an A.A. degree in his pocket. Pretty cool.
While Hansen was taking his tests, I walked around the campus for a bit. I must admit that I hardly recognize it. Sure, the area and the feel are much the same, but the new buildings and infrastructure improvements are huge.
Back in 1990 my picture was hung in the Hall of Fame at Green River for my years on the golf team. I found where the pictures once were, but they were no longer. I talked to an employee who said the pictures are in the back room in boxes as of 10 years ago and they are not sure what the fate of them well be. Maybe an online HOF, or maybe nothing. I may e-mail the director to see if I can get the picture if they are getting rid of them. I can always use another picture from my "lots of hair and no glasses" era.
After testing, it was out to dinner for Lillie's family birthday dinner. And an ice-cream stop too.

See you tomorrow.


Susanna Powers said...

Hi Julian, If they have a college archives maybe those photos could be kept (forever) in there ... plus online. If they give it to you please post! Love, susanna

Ellen said...

Good for Hansen! Too bad the Green River Hall of Fame with your picture in it isn't front and center - tsk! Anyway, I have lots of pictures of you with lots of hair and no glasses!

Amber said...

Graduating high school with an A.A. Degree??? That is amazing. Well done, Hansen!