Sunday, March 06, 2016


Good evening, it is Sunday.

This is a birthday week for sure. In some kind of order...Happy Birthday Jack, Avery, Lillie, and Dad. Can't forget about Ranger and Joe. Sure, Jack and Avery are twins, but according to Avery, the short amount of time between when Jack was born and she was born was the only time in her life that she wasn't being kicked by her brother! Hah. Lillie is now a teenager! I'm not sure who feels older, Lillie for finally officially making it to teenagedom, or Me for having my youngest kiddo a teenager. Actually, it is probably my dad. He really is old! Doh, did I say that? Sorry Dad:)
I snagged this picture from my mom's FB page. This birthday celebration is taking place only 2,120.5 miles away in Austin.
The birthday girl and Hansen on a birthday shopping spree! Lillie calls this the yogurt wall at the mall!
A party with cousins! This was the most still picture I could get.
Wait, were did Jack go? He was just here a second ago.
All three blowing out candles.
I let people choose the part of the birthday cake they wanted. Lillie chose the dinosaur's leg (most frosting), Jack chose the other dinosaur leg, Avery choose the dinosaur's face (yes, cut out the face from the middle of the cake), and Hansen chose Lillie's name! Hah.
Preston couldn't be here as he is off at college. But he was kind of here. Look at my coffee mug. Hi three year old Preston and baby Hansen. I see Lillie in this picture too, but back when the mug was made she was only a twink.
Joe begging for me to turn on the water faucet on his birthday. Yes, this cat has trained some of the humans in this family to turn on the water faucet so he can drink running water. I can't even.
Ranger sleeping his birthday away. Lillie puts out her jacket soft side up just so Ranger will have a place to sleep.

See you tomorrow.


Ellen said...

Happy birthday, everyone!

Susanna Powers said...

happy Birthday Lillie! love, susanna

Amber said...

I can't even.