Saturday, March 26, 2016

Getting Ready.

Good afternoon, it is Saturday.

As the country is getting ready for the next presidential election, today was our state's caucus for the democratic party. Maren and I met up with Carol and 1800 of our neighbors at a local school for our precinct's caucus. By the time we parked, walked, waited, walked, lined up, waited, and got to our little precinct, there were 20 of us to vote for 4 delegates.
We are about halfway through the line, and about 15 minutes after the caucus was to have started at this point. After sitting in a traffic jam halfway to Covington, we choose to park a half mile or so away from the school and walk the rest of the way. This parking decision really was a good choice when it was time to leave.
This is what our initial gym looked like. Every gym and auditorium at this school was filled like this.
Once we got to our corner of our little gym, Maren was even able to find a chair! We ran into some neighbors we knew and friends along the way.
I gave our sign holder a break for a bit. Our precinct ended up with 20 folks. I volunteered to be the reader of the instructions for our precinct...there was a fancier name for my position, and I had to sign the delegate's forms, but I like Reader of Instructions just fine. Upon initial vote, we had 15 vote for Bernie Sanders and 5 vote for Hillary Clinton. Seeing how we had 4 total delegates to divide up, the math worked out. We then debated the candidates a bit and gave some nice speeches, but in the end no votes changed. I volunteered to be the lone Hillary Clinton delegate, and Maren is the alternate! Our next convention will be in a few weeks.
Beyond the race for the White House, we are getting ready for Easter. This is a nice pic of the three kiddos. They did have fun dying eggs.
And like many years in the past, Connor joined in our family fun. It was great to have Connor over, even if he refuses to actively participate in any picture.

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

WWU Spring Break is here!

Good evening, it is Saturday.

Guess what? Preston is home for his spring break! Yay!
Preston and his buddy Malcolm showed up Wednesday evening. Malcolm is actually visiting his buddies on his spring break...he goes to college in Oklahoma! Malcolm got to hang at Western with Preston, Nick, and Connor, but then came back to our neck of the woods with Preston.
Malcolm even spent a couple of nights here. But it was not all video games for these two spring breakers, they were out frolfing, visiting friends, shopping, getting Slurpees, sleeping in, and visiting with more friends.
Preston got to meet up with a bunch of guys from all over the place. In this picture I believe there are five different colleges represented. This is at a Kentlake soccer game. They also had fun seeing some of the guys still in high school.
What is this? 7-11 had a bring your own cup day. Preston and friends picked this up on the way to the soccer game. Yes, it is our Vitamixer filled with Slurpee. Of course, while Preston is home for his spring break (all of next week too), the rest of us are still working, going to school, playing sports, and going about daily lives.
Lillie performed marvelously in her spring band concert. Can you find Lillie? She is the third from the right in the way back playing a trombone. So I don't have a great camera, you get an overview:)
Yes, this is Hansen long jumping in his first ever high school track meet! Hansen decided to run track this year, and I've very happy for him. He is running the 100 meter dash, jumping the long jump as well as the triple jump. There are better pictures in the world of both Lillie at her band concert and of Hansen at the track meet. I will try to get some better ones for the future.
I spied this photo of Hansen's in the school's hallway. Hansen's is the green/yellow/white arrows in the top middle. The cool thing for me about this picture is that I was there when he took the photo. It was at an archery pro-shop of a bunch of arrows for sale in a bin. He was able to make them look very cool.
March Madness! Once again our family has had the opportunity to fill out brackets for this year's college basketball tournament. Nope, I don't join any big pools, it is fun enough to just fill out the brackets and kind of follow the tournament.

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

A day for Pi.

Good morning, it is Tuesday!

I hope everyone enjoyed your slice of pie yesterday. Yeah yeah 3.14 pi. It's a math term. And the date. Well I think it's fun, so get over it! (said in your best Adam Sandler voice) ha!
Yeah, we had double pi yesterday. Pizza and pie!
Thank you Lillie for making us pie! And thanks to Hansen for holding a big bag of chocolate chips! We have made cookies and cream pie a tradition for pi day. I'd say this may be the best one yet.
The twins got to hang at John and Carol's house for the weekend so we got to see them for a bit. Breakfast for dinner! Here Avery shows her immaculate skills for filling every single syrup pocket exactly the same. The next day the girls went shopping and the boys went to the movies. Fun times!
Check out what we found at Costco! A hard cider named after me. Thanks Costco!

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, March 10, 2016


Good morning, it is Thursday.

The other day Hansen got to go to Green River College to take the Compass test. This test places prospective Running Start students into class ranges. Hansen scored the highest possible score on the reading section, and extremely high on the math portion. The person reviewing his scores said it is very rare for a student to score at a higher level in math than they are currently taking, which is UW Pre-Calc for Hansen. If Hansen chooses to go to GRC for running start, he should be able to graduate from high school with an A.A. degree in his pocket. Pretty cool.
While Hansen was taking his tests, I walked around the campus for a bit. I must admit that I hardly recognize it. Sure, the area and the feel are much the same, but the new buildings and infrastructure improvements are huge.
Back in 1990 my picture was hung in the Hall of Fame at Green River for my years on the golf team. I found where the pictures once were, but they were no longer. I talked to an employee who said the pictures are in the back room in boxes as of 10 years ago and they are not sure what the fate of them well be. Maybe an online HOF, or maybe nothing. I may e-mail the director to see if I can get the picture if they are getting rid of them. I can always use another picture from my "lots of hair and no glasses" era.
After testing, it was out to dinner for Lillie's family birthday dinner. And an ice-cream stop too.

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, March 06, 2016


Good evening, it is Sunday.

This is a birthday week for sure. In some kind of order...Happy Birthday Jack, Avery, Lillie, and Dad. Can't forget about Ranger and Joe. Sure, Jack and Avery are twins, but according to Avery, the short amount of time between when Jack was born and she was born was the only time in her life that she wasn't being kicked by her brother! Hah. Lillie is now a teenager! I'm not sure who feels older, Lillie for finally officially making it to teenagedom, or Me for having my youngest kiddo a teenager. Actually, it is probably my dad. He really is old! Doh, did I say that? Sorry Dad:)
I snagged this picture from my mom's FB page. This birthday celebration is taking place only 2,120.5 miles away in Austin.
The birthday girl and Hansen on a birthday shopping spree! Lillie calls this the yogurt wall at the mall!
A party with cousins! This was the most still picture I could get.
Wait, were did Jack go? He was just here a second ago.
All three blowing out candles.
I let people choose the part of the birthday cake they wanted. Lillie chose the dinosaur's leg (most frosting), Jack chose the other dinosaur leg, Avery choose the dinosaur's face (yes, cut out the face from the middle of the cake), and Hansen chose Lillie's name! Hah.
Preston couldn't be here as he is off at college. But he was kind of here. Look at my coffee mug. Hi three year old Preston and baby Hansen. I see Lillie in this picture too, but back when the mug was made she was only a twink.
Joe begging for me to turn on the water faucet on his birthday. Yes, this cat has trained some of the humans in this family to turn on the water faucet so he can drink running water. I can't even.
Ranger sleeping his birthday away. Lillie puts out her jacket soft side up just so Ranger will have a place to sleep.

See you tomorrow.