Monday, February 29, 2016

Sea Urchins.

Good evening, it is Monday.

It wasn't so long ago that it was presidents week break for us schoolies. Hansen went to Leavenworth with friend's church group for a few days and had a mostly fun time. He found the bookstore in Leavenworth a little slice of heaven. Hansen came home with a tea infuser and leaves that he purchased. Maren picked him up an electric teapot. Now he is set!
Once Hansen was back from Leavenworth, we did a little Seattle touristy stuff. Lillie loves the Aquarium. And the Otters. And the Seals. Hansen likes being creative with photography. Outside of the Seattle Aquarium I snapped this picture of Hansen taking creative reflection photos.
Inside the aquarium. Eww, you can actually touch a sea urchin. I used to take Preston and Hansen here a lot when they were just little beans. No, touching sea urchins was never really a fan favorite.
I got a text from my friend who works in the Library at my old school CV. He was helping in a classroom and was talking to a student who wouldn't stop reading this book even when he was supposed to be listening to the teacher. When the student was closing the book he saw writing in the book. This book was signed to Preston by the author Jeff Kinney! Yes, years ago we donated a bunch of these books to the library, but the signed book must have gotten in the mix by accident. This book is back in our possession and I'd say Preston appreciates this more today than he did as a much younger kiddo.
How about a state archery tournament. Hansen and I (this picture is of us. I'm on the left and Hansen on the right. We were lucky enough to get to shoot together each day) participated in an indoor tournament over the weekend. Two days. Over 130 arrows! Hansen would have liked to shoot a little better, but I think he still set the state record in his division. I shot about the best that I felt I could, setting personal bests along the way. My division is were the best of the best hang out, so I'm happy with the middle of the pack.

See you tomorrow.

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Ellen said...

How cool that Preston got the book back! I used to work at the Seattle Aquarium a long time ago and I always liked the water views.