Tuesday, February 02, 2016


Good evening, it is Tuesday.

Lillie and I just got back from a trip to Michaels Craft Store. As the weekdays are pretty busy these days, this was our one chance to go hang out and shop for supplies for a History project Lillie is doing on Jonas Salk. We picked up craft paper, fancy scissors, glue, a straight edge, and a balsa wood air plane. The balsa wood air plane was for me. I so loved these as a kid. Yes, it is build and flying already.
I chose the red version of this little glider. I remember as a kid I could go to the local store and they would have these simple gliders, fancier ones that were biplanes, and even fancier ones with rubber band powered propellers. The best times were when you had a biplane or two, as well as a rubber band powered one and would combine them to make biplanes or triplanes powered by a rubber bands. But this glider is perfectly fun for me.
 Oh my! 1969 Camaro Z28. At $24.99 I don't need on that bad, but as a kid I made as many of these models as I possibly could. I also liked the motorcycle models. One time as a kid (probably around 8 years old) Eric and were spending the night at Grandma Bobby's house. She took us to a local little store and offered to buy us each something. There was a model car just like this one that she thought I should buy. But I begged and pleaded (what a crummy kid!) for her to spend a couple more dollars to buy the dirtbike motorcycle model that was a little above my level. She finally gave in and I got the motorcycle. That evening, I just couldn't get the handlebars/front shocks to stay right and I was so frustrated. She was right, I should have gotten the car. Every time I see one of these models I fondly remember my Grandma Bobby:)
This picture is for Maren! Who knew you could buy ginormous margarita glasses at Michaels? Not me!

See you tomorrow.


Susanna Powers said...

Grandma Bobby always knew best! But it's fun to not always do the wisest thing. love, susanna

Ellen said...

Very cool that they have all that stuff at Michaels! I fondly remember those models. And really, how could Grandma Bobby say no?