Thursday, February 18, 2016

Award winning weekend, and a crazy day of travel.

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Maren is home safe and sound from her trip to Washington D.C. last weekend for the AAAS Subaru Science Book and Film Awards. She did have a crazy travel day on Monday, but the days before that she had a wonderful awards weekend.
Friday was mainly a free day for Maren so she walked over to the Washington D.C. Zoo. Her goal was to see the pandas. And see the pandas she did. Including the littlest baby panda. Did you see the viral video from a week ago where the panda was frolicking in the snow? Maren saw that panda too.
Award winning authors! With Valentine Day necklaces. Getting awarded for excellence on Valentines Day sounds pretty cool to me.
There were even TV crews filming parts of the weekend. Here is another award winning author being filmed while signing her award winning books.
Is that Maren in line to get an award winning book signed by an author she helped choose to win an award? And maybe even getting a spot on T.V.? Yup!
What is this? It is hard to see, but Maren was given an award herself:) Yay! If I'm correct, Maren has been the chairperson for the children's book committee for the last seven years. This is the tenth year of this award, a nice award for the hard work Maren puts into this committee for sure.

Once the weekend was over, it was time to come home. Winter weather in Washington D.C. didn't help things at all for any of the travelers. Maren was on a direct flight from Reagan to Seattle, so I was to pick her up at 11:00am our time. But Maren's plane didn't exactly fly from Reagan to Seattle, instead it had a fire in the cockpit and had to make an emergency landing on the snow covered tarmac at neighboring Dulles airport where there were fire crews were waiting for them.
Here the fire crews are checking out the plane on the tarmac for fire. Luckily the fire was contained and the passengers got to embark in usual fashion. The crew made this landing with air masks on and smoke in the cockpit. They were taken to the hospital according to the news articles. They clearly did a heroic job getting this plane safely down, and were fortunate Dulles airport was close by.
Maren sent me this picture after she got off the plane. Planes weren't landing at Dulles and they were not really prepared for this. Luckily Maren had nice people on the plane and in the 3 hour line to get put on another flight. A military guy sitting next to her talked her through it as the plane lost power and turned toward Dulles. She then had one of the Subaru employees she recognized from the weekend to hang with as they had to then get in a taxi and return to Reagan airport to fly out of the exact same gate as they left from the first time.
This is the line of passengers waiting to be rebooked. During most of this I was texting with Maren, and while she was in this three hour line, I was able to call Alaska and get her on a flight out that evening. Rather than having a plane for these 150 plus folks, they all got put on other flights and such. She even met Seattle news celebrity Don Porter in this line. Twenty hours later Maren finally made it home safe and sound! From the employees who were called in to help, to the passengers on the plane that Maren spend a crazy day with, there was lots of kindness being spread around. And I'm positive Maren was also a calming person for those around her. Yay for home, huh Mar?

See you tomorrow.

P.S. Click HERE to see the Good Moring America story on Maren's flight.

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Ellen said...

Wow, what a trip! Glad Maren is home safe and sound.