Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Honest Truth.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

The kids and I are home from school today as it is the end of the first semester. Exactly halfway through the school year. The last couple of days were finals days for the kids, and tomorrow starts a new semester. For the most part the kids have the same schedules, mine will change quite a bit. I will be loosing a computer class as well as a history to be gaining more ELL support. Should be a fine change.

One of Lillie's finals included a book report due. She choose The Honest Truth. A book set near us about a sick kid who runs away to climb Mr. Rainier. I listed to some of the book on CD as we drove to the ocean over the summer. I can't really critique the book either way, other than to say it must be pretty good or Lillie wouldn't have chosen it for her report.
Here is a picture of the book, but the real reason I even mention this is to highlight some of Lillie's artwork:

These are Lillie's watercolor portraits from the story. The map on the TV. The broken watch. And Mark's dog. These were done with an inexpensive pack of watercolor paints on computer paper. Yup, Lillie can paint more than just nails.
Here is the latest 1000 piece puzzle on the coffee table. I don't know if it will get finished or not. The top tray contains only grass pieces, and the side tray is just tree pieces. I've decided to start with the car and work my way out rather than the standard border first and work you way in.
A picture of my at my anchor point. I'm trying to better my anchor point to maybe better my archery. Archery is not too hard to get efficient, but very hard to go beyond efficient to very good. One has to be too perfect all the time. I'm probably more suited for golf and tennis in my mindset, but working on the archery equipment is pretty fun. I now do all the work on my equipment set ups from replacing strings to cutting and gluing arrows. Hansen is starting to do all his setups too, but he trusts me to work on his equipment, which is no small feat. It's a good hobby.
This is my favorite internet meme of maybe all time! I can't say I'm a Walking Dead fan, but I love a good dad joke! And that's the honest truth:)

See you tomorrow.

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Susanna Powers said...

hi Julian, Lillie's artwork is beautiful! love, susanna