Thursday, January 14, 2016

No Parking!

Good evening, it is Thursday.

Guess what came in the mail today?
My 2015 blog book! I must have not blogged quite as much as years past because this book was only about 220 pages where the last few have been upwards of 270 pages. Hmm. Well, I guess the proof is in the pages. I'm just not blogging as much. I think maybe it is due to the kids getting older? And if so, that is great! Don't we want our kids to grow up into great citizens and move on? Yes. Also, I try not to just blog the same thing over and over. Here is something new from me on my blog: A big rant.

I am usually not overly negative. I usually don't let little things bother me too much. While I can argue viewpoints with the best of them, I don't go looking for actual fights. But our new neighbors are pushing me to the edge! And it is all about something as petty as parking our cars in front of our own houses. Most of us who have been in this culdesac for like 20 plus years all have kids and multiple cars. We always park extra cars in front of the sidewalk, but never block anyone's driveway. Besides, cars move around so much, that a parked car is only there for a short time anyhow. Well, our new neighbor (let's call him Ken) with only one SUV, a huge driveway, and a garage he parks in, is insistent that he can't get into his driveway or garage if any car is within 5 feet of the edge of his drive. For the last couple of months he has been leaving notes on the window of any car parking in front of his house. I've been the recipient of a few of these notes:
They started off pretty tame. But still, who does this?
Then they got wrapped with saran wrap so we could clearly get them. Mind you, my car is in no way blocking even an inch of his driveway.
Ah, lets print them up! And cover them in saran wrap. That will do it. My neighbors have even asked me what is up with all the notes as they get them too. Poor guy. I actually feel bad for him, I mean, what leads one to be such a rude person to you neighbors?
And yes, he parks his car in the exact spot we are "not allowed" to whenever he wants. This (black suv) is his only car, so he parks it like this just so no one else can park their car there. Strangely he has never put a rude note on his own car for parking in front of his house.
And tonight's note. It reads, "Last time this close. Next time I call the City. -K".  Hmm. I think this is a threat!

And there's my rant. I have not decided how to proceed on this. When I talk to him in person I just get enraged, so I'm avoiding doing that. I don't really want a ticket, and realistically if he calls the police, that could happen. Maybe I will beat him to the punch and file a harassment charge against him. But that is petty too. Maybe I should write a note and put it on his car (when he parks it there) warning him of the horrible neighbor who is threatening to call the police. While enjoyable, that would be a dork thing to do. So I guess the answer is nothing. A big nothing. And of course, feel bad for the guy. It takes a lot of energy to be so mad all the time. And that's my rant. Thanks:)

See you tomorrow.


Ellen said...

What a colossal jerk! I don't know what you can do either. It's a shame he wants to act that way instead of being a friendly neighbor to the wonderful family he moved in next door to.

Susanna Powers said...

Hi Julian, I also got my blog book today for 2014/2015! I am very pleased with it. And I enjoyed your rant... that guy certainly didn't come from New Orleans. That is hilarious about the evolution of the notes. ... on another topic, Johnny is home after getting a total left-knee replacement surgery on Monday 1/11, and is coming along as expected. He will be getting better every day. thanks for writing your blog, love, susanna

Amber said...

I don't think the police or city could ticket you. If the sidewalk isn't marked, it's a public/shared space. I say, burn his house down!!! (did I say that?).

PS: Susanna, if you're reading this - I'm glad to hear Johnny is home and healing well. And not having to park near Julian's house.

Julian Slane said...

WooHoo Amber! I am in the midst of asking the professionals on this. I couldn't totally let it go as it is fundamentally just not right what he is doing. I don't ever want one of the kid's friends's cars ticketed as they park there unknowing of the history. I hope that we learn that he has no leg to stand on and will stop with the bulling. Or if he does have a claim, that the curb is marked and he is required to follow the rules he is enforcing...