Sunday, January 24, 2016

Just Ducky.

Good evening, it is Sunday.

I'm sorry to say that Maren's birthday week is drawing to a close. She had a couple of birthday parties, got to eat out at Red Robin, and received some wonderful gifts. Yesterday was her family birthday party where Maren's mom made her favorite dinner. Chicken Divan. Broccoli and all. Maren loved it! And thankfully Carol also made Nana Mac for the rest of us:) Broccoli, fun to type, not so fun eat:)
In celebrating the end of her Audio Awards gig, we brought over boxes and boxes of audio books to give to family members interested. Yes, the seven or so large boxes in the background are full of audio books! And yes, Maren listened to the bulk of them. Here Maren and Stef are going through a couple of the boxes. I do have a similar picture that Maren made a duck face at the camera. But I saved her duck face for the next picture:
Only two candles? Thankfully they make nifty number candles so we didn't have to set the cake a blaze. Also, just to be safe and block out the candle numbers, I wrote, "candles go here!" over the candles with this computer's nifty editing feature. No matter how old Maren gets, she will always be younger than me. Doh.
What's a birthday party without presents?
I think this warm fuzzy lined blanket has been attached to Maren since she opened it. Happy Birthday Maren:)

See you tomorrow.


Susanna Powers said...

I hate broccoli too. you all really give people appreciation on their birthdays. love, susanna

Amber said...

I love brocolli! And I love how Maren is embracing the blog pictures, duck face and all ;) The older I get, the younger she seems.

If only we lived close enough to get in on that audiobook action... oh well, I do have a library less than a mile away.

Ellen said...

Cute pictures of the birthday girl!