Sunday, January 10, 2016

Chocolate Bowls?

Good evening, it is Sunday.

Guess who is an officially licensed driver in the state of Washington? Yup, Hansen! Look out world, look out for a blue minivan. Hah. And yes, if having a kid in college isn't pricey enough (no worries Preston, you are worth it!), we now have two teenage boys on the insurance policy. Maybe even more exciting for Hansen (in the short term) is that the bow he worked all summer saving up for, then special ordered over two months ago, has finally arrived!
Thursday we picked it up. Hansen paid for it with his savings and couldn't be happier. This is a Hoyt Defiant 34. It is awesome.
The bow is set up and shooting like a dream. Today we cut down arrows and did some other fine tuning. I think Hansen will enjoy this bow for a long time to come. And if not, I will:) Wait, I'm currently enjoying his last new bow. Hah.

Changing the subject, Maren is in Boston for a work conference! The committee she is currently on has been by far the most time consuming one she has ever been on. Audio books! Yup, you can only listen as fast as the narrator reads. And you can only get in a groove if you family leaves you alone. So, for a person who reads faster than even Lillie can talk, and has a family who always pesters her, this has been a challenging year (she had to listen to audio books 3-5 hours per day for most of the last year to fulfill her committee obligations). Tomorrow the winners are announced, then she is free from listening other than just for fun on the drive to work.
Maren and Judy got to take a few minutes out of their packed schedules and visit Fenway Park! Awesome!
Even a little ice-cream in a Boston Red Sox hat! I could just...I don't know, do something crazy! Like buy Hansen is driver's license I guess? It is so cool that she sent me these pics!

So, what do the littles and I do while Maren is out of town? Certainly not clean the house! How about make bigger messes? YES.
Here Lillie is melting chocolate to make chocolate bowls for holding ice-cream. Yum!
She blew up balloons, melted chocolate, then painted the balloons with the chocolate. They are in the fridge right now waiting for tomorrow when she will pop the balloons and hopefully be left with perfect little edible chocolate bowls. Very fun. Thanks also to John and Carol for inviting us over and feeding us great dinner tonight. Alright, it's a school night.

See you tomorrow.


Ellen said...

Congrats to Hansen on his license!

Audiobooks are great! Amber gave us a CD of Stephen King's "11.22.63" and we listened to the first part of it on the way to Florida. We'll listen to the rest on the way back to Texas.

Amber said...

I listen to audiobooks everyday! Right now I'm on a David Mitchell spree (Cloud Atlas, Bone Clocks, the Thousand Autumns of Jacob De Zoet - very weird stuff!). But I LOVED listening to Born to Run, and I'm open to any and all recommendations. Also, 3-5 hours/day is intense.