Monday, January 04, 2016

25 and 16

Good morning, it is Monday.

I've got just a few moments to blog because we are not in school just yet. Two hour delay for ice and snow. But the rain is here so back to normal soon. Yesterday was:

Happy 16th birthday Hansen!
Happy 25th wedding anniversary Maren!

Hansen's main party was on Saturday as yesterday afternoon he spent his time at a friend's house with a few friends for his birthday, and I drove Preston and his college roommates back to WWU.

Here is the crew hanging out at Hansen's party.
Jack and Avery watching Hansen open their gift to him. It was the best kind a 16 year old could wish for: Box inside a box inside a box inside a box filled with money!
Lillie made Hansen's birthday cake! She spent much of Friday working on it. Fondant made from scratch and lemon cake insides. Yes, it is an archery target.
Here are the celebrators. Smile at the camera. Smile at each other. Really Julian? Hey, it's cute.
Now for a 25 year old picture. Adorbs. Who say's adorbs? smh.
For the last picture: Preston and Connor back at college. This was trip two, and as Nick didn't make it back out for trip two, so no picture of him this time.

See you tomorrow.


Ellen said...

Happy 25th and 16! Cool birthday cake!

Susanna Powers said...


Amber said...


Happy everything, everybody!

Bernice said...

Julian & Family, I have not been very good lately about keeping up with your blog. I am
watching all the festivities right now, Xmas, birthdays and anniversaries, and New Years.
Boy, am I behind.. You all looked so great enjoying all of the above. Lillie is so talented.
What a neat birthday cake for Hansen.You all look wonderful and I really have to keep up to date.

So, Happy Anniversary to you and Maren. Happy Birthday to Hansen, Happy college to
Preston, and Happy everything to Lillie. My love to all of you.