Sunday, May 31, 2015

Moving Day.

Good morning, it is Sunday.

Yesterday was moving day for John and Carol. Well, yes and no. There is no "moving day" as it is, more of a moving month. Yesterday we helped fill the second container with all the stuff that was not big furniture moved by professionals, and the move is underway. The containers will be stored as John and Carol move in with Mel and Court for a few weeks (Jack and Avery are really looking forward to this little adventure), then move into the new house.
When we arrived there was this huge empty container just waiting to be filled.
It didn't take long to get to packing. Carol had the basement fully packed with boxes and boxes just waiting to be moved.
Even the littlest mover was working hard.
Waiting for their next job. The kids did a great job working hard and getting things done.
Progress was being made. It was like a huge Tetris game trying to get things to fit in a smart way.
John found an old yearbook from his days at Western Washington University. Yup, that'll be Preston's school in the fall.
Courtney and I goofing for a minute after moving a comfy chair into the middle of the container. Lunch was brought in from a local Mexican Restaurant. Yum!
And there were plenty of pictures to be taken. Sue took this picture of the group.
Then we broke out the sparkling cider and I changed spots with Sue for this group picture.
Look at that tongue!
Doh. How about a group selfie? Sure.
A picture of the back yard that has been very well cared for for over 46 years! I know John and Carol are already thinking about their new backyard and how it will be arranged.
And who knows, they may even get little birds nesting out in Covington too. I bet so.
A last group photo of the youngest generation on the stairs. The house looks so different empty. Amazing really. The next owner will have a clean slate with this old house. I'm sure she will do amazing things with it as well.
Melanie, Maren, and Stefanie pose for one last picture in front of their childhood house. This day has been in the works for well over a year. It was hard to grasp the magnitude of this move in the early stages as we enjoyed holidays knowing the venue would be changing in the future. But I'd say that by yesterday everyone is ready and excited for the move. Lots of great memories in this old house, but hey, the memories go with the people right?
By the end of the day this empty container was all the way full. I'm sure there will be a few more trips to the dump as well as some changing plans on just what will be left behind. But really, all the main stuff is packed up and ready for the next chapter.

See you tomorrow.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day.

Good evening, it is Monday.

Hope you enjoyed your Memorial Day. Preston's friend Johathan's Dad posted the third picture down on FB along with this quote from historian David McCullough: “The laws we live by, the freedoms we enjoy, the institutions that we take for granted – as we should never take for granted – are all the work of other people who went before us. And to be indifferent to that isn’t just to be ignorant, it’s to be rude. And ingratitude is a shabby failing. How can we not want to know about the people who have made it possible for us to live as we live, to have the freedoms we have, to be citizens of this greatest of countries in all time? It’s not just a birthright, it is something that others struggled for, strived for, often suffered for, often were defeated for and died for, for us, for the next generation."

 Preston's band got to play at the Memorial Day Ceremony at the Tahoma National Cemetery this afternoon. This was a very well attended event. When dropping the boys off, there were cars parked on the sides of roads and in neighborhoods all around the National Cemetery.
We did a BBQ for the first time this year. As well as our first fire pit. We also got to do some big sale shopping at 50% off day at both Value Village and Goodwill. Who doesn't enjoy saving money?

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Senior Awards Night Got Talent.

Good morning, it is Saturday.

It's the 23rd of May already! Slow down this train, objects are passing by so fast that the calendar can't even keep up. This week at the high school was Senior Awards Night and Kentlake's Got Talent.
In case you were not ready for your senior to graduate and leave home, the giant ALOHA kind of hits you smack in the face. This is some of Preston's friends playing music before the event.
There were a few breaks from awards for musical performances. Here Preston and John play a very fancy duet of Cantina Band from Star Wars.
Preston's awards. Wow! Congratulations Preston on a very impressive High School career. There may be a couple little errors in spelling on this board (frolf, not rolf) but I'm thinking the Naruto statistic is spot on. They gave Preston an large envelope full of award certificates, very impressive!

Also this week was Kentlake's Got Talent. The school's talent show. They had fake judges and the show totally was run like the TV show. Very fun!
These two were amazing. This girl sung amazing and the guy was doing all kinds of cool break dancing and pausing in crazy headstands and such. There were lots of great talents for sure. And in between the good performances were fun spoof performances that would all get "x" out by the judges.
Yes, the judges were the real thing. Preston's friend Carson played a great Howard Stern.
Preston and a group of friends did a Spongebob song. Preston can sing quite well. This group was in between a spoof and a real group. They didn't get boo'd off the stage, but they got DQd because their lead singer was a substitute teacher that all the kids like and who is part of the frolf club. Fun!
Last picture. Grasp this: Carol took this picture on her new smart phone after Senior Awards Night. Then texted it to me. All by herself! Hah. Welcome to the digital age Carol!

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Parades, Parties, and Cake.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

This weekend we had fun in two countries! We as in one of us in a different country, the rest of us were here.

Let's start with Preston. He and his school band took three charter buses to Victoria Canada to parade, play and just have fun. Star Wars style.
There were several photographers/chaperons who are friends, so we really lucked out. Here Preston is marching in the Victoria Days parade with his Jedi costume that Carol made for him.
And who do you hope to meet up with if you're a Jedi?
Preston's school joined forces with this group of Star Wars fans.
A concert on the steps of somewhere in Canada. This school does have a great band and orchestra.
One of the reasons Preston has really enjoyed band is the teacher. Mr. Stowell is retiring at the end of this school year. An end of an era for sure.
A concert on warf? Preston brought two instruments with him this trip. He mostly played the clarinet in the marching band, but for the jazz on the warf he played his saxophone. Preston has gone on this trip all four years of high school, one of his favorite school activities for sure.

The rest of us stayed around home but stayed plenty busy ourselves. We started Sunday by hanging with friends at the Larry Nelson memorial golf party.
The party was at Mick and Susan's house. Maren hanging with friends. It was a year ago this (last) weekend that Larry passed away. Preston was up in Victoria and we attended the auction as well. Sometime a year is a long time, and sometimes it is not long at all.
Yes, we played hillbilly golf. An intricate game of golf through artistic fields. Here Hansen gives it a go.
Lillie golfed too!
Maren and Susan. Notice the shirts? Mick had these made for everyone who showed up. Since Preston couldn't be there, Mick autographed one for him.
Hansen and Lillie hanging out with Jacob. This is a fun group to hang out with. My teamate was Julie, we were the Julie...s or something. Some day I will have to team up with Jacob just to say I was on Team Jacob. Da, da, da...not like Jacob has never heard that one.

After the party, we headed to the church auction. The auction helps fund the mission trip as well as other youth activities. Lillie and John made cakes to be auctioned at the desert auction.

Hansen helped with many jobs along with other youth. Here he is parading a dessert around for the dessert auction.
Here is Lillie's amazing rainbow cake. It was a real hit. Kids from all over were asking for slices of this cake. Nice baking Lillie!

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Good evening, it is Wednesday.

This will be an exciting month for Preston. Awards season is upon us, then graduation. Last night was the Kent Rotary awards celebration. This celebration honored the top 5% of students in the Kent School District. I'm guessing the Kent School District will be graduating around 2,000 students next month. I'd guess that somewhere between 15 and 20 students from each of the four high schools along with their parents showed up for the celebration. After snacks there were a few speeches then the principal from each school introduced their students.
Inside this flyer was printed the names of the top 5 percent. Many of the students from Preston's school we recognized from way back in elementary school. My personal experience says that this class of 2015 is an amazing group of kids of which the world is lucky to have them.
Preston receiving his certificate.
The group of students from Kentlake High School who attended.
Some good friends hanging out after the celebration.
And a special gem for you. Preston tied his tie in what he called the trinity knot. He says he has other knots up his sleeve for future use.

See you tomorrow.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

Good morning, it is Monday.

Hope all you moms had a nice Mother's Day! I got to say "hi" to my mom which is always nice. Maren and Carol had a BBQ up in Bellevue at Stef's place which was fun as well. We started the day at church where Maren did the Children's Sermon. She brought up a book called "Hug Machine" which was fun.
At Stef's place we hung out at a commons area which was very cool. Two gas grills that were hardwired in with gas. Preston has his Physics AP exam this morning, so he was getting some studying in as well.
Chris and Chris's mom were there too. Here Mel is getting a photo with Stef, Chris, and the parents.
But the real excitement for Maren came right as we pulled into Bellevue. As she was getting out of the car, her keys dropped right into a storm drain. Doh! We did have plenty of helpers, but the drain was deep and gross, and the maintenance folks were off for the day.
So Maren and I spent Mother's Day navigating road construction and car crashes in Bellevue looking for a place to sell us a rake. I was able to remove the storm drain cover, and with a rake I could reach the sludge at the bottom.
Yay! Maren's keys! We got her keys back and have a new rake too. How cool is that? The keys got washed and put into a bag of rice to dry out the fob. We will see this morning if the fob will work.
After food and keys and such, Maren even got to read a funny book about underwear to Jack. Overall, a great Mother's Day.

See you tomorrow.