Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Lucky College Is:

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

And the lucky college is:
Western Washington University!

Last night Preston clicked the "Yes" button on the acceptance page of Western Washington University's website, paid the $250 deposit, and it is a done deal! Preston will be a WWU Viking! Congratulations Preston!
Preston sporting the WWU t-shirt that John purchased for him back on our campus visit. Last night Preston called John and Carol to tell them the news (John is a WWU alumni) and they all shared a nice celebratory phone call. WWU will be a super college for Preston for sure. He has been up in the air between UW and WWU as he was accepted to both, but WWU ended up winning in several categories.  Great Choice.

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Photo time.

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Depending on the project, Hansen likes to use Lillie as a model for his photography class. He is usually shooting black and white film. Or color digital. Yesterday after school was a little photo shoot. But all I heard was a ton of laughing.
By the time I peaked outside, this is what I found. I'm not so sure the photographer has control of the situation. But he may have gotten a few nice pictures of the tree. LOL.

See you tomorrow.

Monday, April 27, 2015

It's a jig.

Good morning, it is Monday.

Hansen and I spent half of Saturday getting final tunes done our archery setups before the Redding Nationals next weekend. We will be leaving Super early Thursday for the Fri, Sat, Sun tournament. You'd think that once a person got a bow set up, that'd be it. But not really, they can be kind of finicky things. But we have been setting up a new bow for Hansen. I traded an old bow that we haven't used for awhile for another old bow that Hansen wanted to try. He is shooting it very well.
Hansen at the range, ready to go.
Sighting in bows can at times mean busting arrows. Yesterday while watching the Mariners and the Sounders I repaired arrows. Broken nocks and destroyed fletchings. The carbon arrows themselves are pretty durable for sure.
Lillie got to spend the night at John and Carol's house as her and Nana had a cupcake class scheduled. Yes, we have been enjoying some yummy cupcakes for sure.
Nana also took Lillie dress shopping just for fun. This girl is really stretching out. With these heels on she is taller than me! And I'd guess that by the time she is done she may not need such fancy shoes to be taller than her old dad...

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Cooking crayons?

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

I have fallen behind on blogging! So, what's been up? Lots of the same, and lots of different. Hansen and I missed a birthday IHOP party for John and Stef as we were at an archery tournament. Happy birthday to both Stef and John!!!  At the tournament I played very well, finishing 3rd in the highest division. Hansen did very well too! Now that he has turned 15, he does have a bit more competition for sure...his age group now goes through 17 year olds.

John and Carol's house went on the market last week. And in an amazing weekend of awesomeness, they may have found the perfect buyer who will surly appreciate this amazing house, and was willing to pay WAY more than the asking price. Of course these transactions take time, but so far so good!

Preston is currently giving his senior project presentation in order to graduate in less than a couple of weeks. He may have made up his mind on college too! And I couldn't be more thrilled for him. Pictures with school sweatshirt will be coming around the corner.

Check this out, Lillie got tired to cooking actual cupcakes, so she decided to try cooking her crayons! It turned very cool. Now she has several cupcake sized crayons that work pretty well.
This ring! Yes, it is a folded up dollar bill. A first grade student was wearing this in class the other day. I was so geeked out! I have one of these up stairs that an old golf friend made for me back when I was probably in my early 20s. He was a senior who had an amazing life and just enjoyed hanging and helping around the golf course.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Back To School.

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Spring break ended with a bunch of tired folks in this house. Lillie went to Girl Scout camp Friday through Sunday, the same days Hansen and I were in Spokane for a Washington State archery tournament. Yesterday was a rough day back at school.

A couple of pictures from Lillie's troop leader's facebook page. It sounds like these girls had a great time at camp!
This is a mural from downtown Spokane. Apparently this is the wrong side of the tracks. The hotel I chose for us was cheap, but a reputable name...or so I thought. Instead it was eww. This section of the city was like something out of the twilight zone. Even the fast food restaurants were not like what we expected. My only guess is that meth has taken over where we were. Next year we will be camping!
Back at the archery range, things were nice. Here is a group of folks warming up for the first day.
Here we have some nice bows just hanging around. It was fun to shoot and hang out with friends. I shot very well. The best I've ever shot. When the pairings were done for the second day, I was right in there with the real shooters. It was fun. Hansen shot great the first day and was leading the pack. He had some equipment issues the second day which cost him, but kudos to Hansen as he battled through and had a fun tournament.
This is Andy. We carpooled with him and his son. I ended up paired with him both days. This is the cemetery shot. Here we shot over a canyon. You can see how nice the weather was the second day.
This is our friend Chris taking a shot at the 101 yard target the second day. This was a very hard shot as we had to stand on a bluf and shoot 101 yards with a strong cross wind. I snapped this photo as my group was behind this group. After this target things stretched out some. Fun tournament.

See you tomorrow.

Friday, April 10, 2015


Good morning, it is Friday.

We have had a fun spring break. We are all just kind of doing our own things, but it has been a very nice break.
Lillie has found a new way of painting her nails. I call this hydro dipping. I guess it is called marbling in the fingernail world.
How cool is that?
Preston has been hanging with friends, dog sitting, and throwing the disc a bunch. Yesterday Lillie and I went out frolfing with him for a few. Yup, Lillie is plenty able to get her disc stuck in the trees. Preston has sure gotten good at this game, he throws the disc twice as far as I can. Don't ask Lillie about the snake or the lost disc from yesterday's adventures... shutter.
Hansen has been keeping his archery equipment in tune. The Washington State Safari is this weekend  in Spokane.  We will be there.
And the Masters is on TV. I would rather watch the TV folks talk about this tournament without even seeing any golf than watch anything else on TV. I will be following on my phone APP this weekend.

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

It's Spring Time

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Spring is here! And spring break! And baseball season! And archery season! And, and, and...
Saturday we dyed Easter Eggs! Yesterday is was egg salad sandwiches. Yum.
Lillie made this amazing cake for Easter. Awesome!
Yes folks, this is a clarinet made out of a carrot. The shelf life for this instrument is rather short, but if you get hungry while practicing...
Preston and his friend Jon made this carrot clarinet. And it works amazingly well.
Hansen and I played in a Spring Safari tournament on Saturday. I entered the freestyle class (the highest there is) and did remarkably well. A long ways from placing, but probably my best actual finish. Hansen placed in his division.
We went to John and Carol's house for Easter dinner after church. Maren gave a wonderful Children's Sermon to a large group of Easter attending kiddos. Avery, Jack and Preston are enjoying Lillie's cake.
A handful of us headed to the park to run off some sugar. This picture makes it look like Jack just threw the frisbee a quarter of a mile!
This was chalked on the park walkway when we arrived. Someone else loves Spring too!
I took Lillie out for a bike ride. Snapping selfies on bikes is a dangerous thing. No phones or people were injured in the taking of this picture.
This is the bicycle I bought for Maren way back in college! It is still working perfectly. It is now Lillie's bicycle of choice.
Baseball! The Seattle Mariners won their opening game today. With some great pitcher and some new players on the team, I'm predicting a season for the ages. Maybe, just maybe, we have the best team in baseball this season...

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, April 02, 2015

I see what you did there.

Good morning, it is Thursday.

The days of the April Fools joke are behind us. No frozen cereal or taped water faucet, no waking up kids at 3:00am or telling of snow delays. Just safe little fun jokes. I try to be a Spongebob, not a Squidward. The boys like this. Maren insists on it. But Lillie was too young to remember the real pranks so she is a bit wishing we would be a little more Squidward.
April first, the kids did open the refrigerator to this. Most of the items in the fridge were looking at them. We did get a genuine smile from the boys. And then they stopped walking on egg shells.

Last night was science fair night at Lillie's school. I went with Lillie and we had a very good time. I got to see all of Lillie's art on the walls, as well as all her friend's and their science fair projects.
When we got there they were still doing the egg drop.We watched for a few minutes. It was very fun to hear the thud of the egg crack and the OOOHHHSSS of the crowd. Then it was into the science fair. Lillie had to be by her project for a half an hour to explain it to anyone who asked about it. I saw things ranging from cookies that fix bad breath to automatic kitty litter scoopers. After her half hour Lillie gave me a tour of her art on the walls.
Lillie's tie dye patch.
Lillie's speak for trees poem. The Lorax inspired poem for Dr. Seuss day.
How about this. Number 7 is Lillie's entrance for the artwork cover of the yearbook. Each year they hold a contest to draw the cover of the yearbook. I vote for number 7!
Not art, but every bit as cool. Lillie was January student of the month! Yay. Fun evening for sure! And maybe our last science fair. Phew, we made it!

See you tomorrow.