Sunday, December 20, 2015

Vacation, Cousins, and Star Wars.

Good evening, it is Sunday.

Winter break is here! Well, for some, but not all. Preston has been home for a whole week now. Friday was the last day of school the littles and I. Maren still has some work this week before having some time off for the the holidays.

What did we do to celebrate the last day of school? We did what 20,000,000 other folks did this weekend. We saw Star Wars, The Force Awakens.
We were with a group of friend, some who dressed up. Preston wore his awesome Jedi attire.
Afterwards we went out for pizza. It was a great evening. I was a bit skeptical of the movie as it got going, but I was won over by the end. It was fun to hear the audience cheer as the movie started and as the famous actors came on screen. Awesome.
Santa! Yes, we showed up so early to the movie that were were able to take advantage of the short line to see Santa! We have seen this same Santa (he is the real Santa) for several years now. This little excursion made this whole evening awesome.
Yesterday we got to see cousins! We have not seen the Omans for over a year as they moved two years ago. This is Lillie with cousins Claire and Kyra. It was a great visit, and we're sure to see even more of them in the next few days. Yay!
Hansen and his cousin Alex. While I have these few pictures, the best pictures are on the kid's cameras. I will admit with cameras in everyone's pockets, and kids who are quite artistic, great photos are living on their cameras right now.
Hah! Yes, Maren read that this movie will soon be in the works. It will be next on my queue once it is released.

See you tomorrow.

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