Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Those of you who don't follow Lillie on Instagram, here is her latest nail art:
I do hope that through the power of social media, and generation of youth who are generally a very caring lot, that the world becomes a more peaceful place.

See you tomorrow.


Susanna Powers said...

that's beautiful and sweet! love, susanna

Amber said...

Well I sure am following her on instagram now!!! Does she really re-do her nails that often, or is there a backlog of photos that she's releasing a day at at time!? Absolutely beautiful work, Lillie!!! I might have to get Aurora a nail art kit :)

Julian Slane said...

Lillie is very slick with her nails. She does them very often (usually she does the right hand only as she is a lefty) and replaces the paint often. I think she uses a bottom coat so removal is very easy. Her and Hansen have the photography down and she even labels her photos.Amazing really.

Ellen said...

Lillie is the best at doing nails! So creative and even on just a "plain" manicure she does a wonderful job!

Julian Slane said...

Thank you Susanna!