Sunday, November 29, 2015

Look Who's Driving!

Good morning, it is Sunday.

Guess who passed their driver's test and will have his driver license ready for him shortly after the new year:
Yup, the kid parallel parking my silver Hyundai like a boss. Way to go Hansen! Times have changed in the world of getting a driver license. Now you must take an expensive driver class (if you don't simply wait to be 18 years of age) outside of school. But one cool thing to come of it is that you can test at the school rather than at the DMV. And you can test anytime after successfully completing the class. So Hansen waits for his birthday and his permit to be 6 months old. He should have his license around Maren's birthday.
Last night Maren and I, along with John and Carol headed to the 5th Ave to see The Sound Of Music. I must admit, other than the cast of the movie being untoppable, I may have liked the play even more. May have to watch the movie again one of these days just for fun.

This evening I will drive Preston and his roommates back to college. Then in a short three weeks the kids will all be back for winter vacation.
I think all the kids can use a little sleep, the Mario Cart and Super Smash Bros marathons have been going way beyond just the wee hours of the night. Maybe that is why the Wii is so named? Hmm.

See you tomorrow.


Ellen said...

Congrats to Hansen on his driving! I love the Sound of Music movie - I saw it when it first came out with my friend Molly. I bet it's great as a play.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ellen: I can remember that day, my Aunt Molly took us to Miami Beach, Lincoln Road and we sat in the balcony and saw that great movie, was that 1965? We got all dressed up in our Sunday best. Fifty years ago, it just does not seem possible. Aunt Molly just turned 88; she and Uncle Bob now live in St. Augustine. Love, Molly