Sunday, November 08, 2015


Good evening, it is Sunday.

This weekend we helped out with the HOME project at a local church. We have been volunteering with HOME through our church for the last several years. Basically we pack lunches and serve dinner to homeless men that participate in the program. The last few years the five of us help along with John, Carol, and sometimes Stef. This year John and Carol were out of town and Preston is off at college. I am pretty used to having Preston off at school and wouldn't wish him anywhere else than having fun (and maybe learning?) at WWU, but I really did miss him this evening. Not to worry, the four of us did a super job!
Lillie and Hansen making sandwiches while Maren and I fix the salad and set up the serving table. Our church will host HOME for the entire month of November. There is a big sign up sheet at our church along with pictures of the groups that serve. I was about to show a picture of the board as it is pretty cool, but there are phone numbers and such on it so I figured it was not blog worthy. Although John and Carol were not able to serve with us, they have already volunteered and are signed up to volunteer again!

See you tomorrow.

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