Sunday, November 22, 2015


Good evening, it is Sunday.

Check out this picture Preston sent me:
Yes, Preston got a hole-in-one while frolfing! A HOLE-IN-ONE! Connor posted on their frolf page that this was 4 holes out of retirement. Ha. This must have been the first time they have gone frolfing [in Bellingham] since they started college. I can tell you that for me a hole-in-one in regular golf would be easier than one in frolf because I have never seen frolf hole that I can actually reach in one shot. Usually I have a long third toss and pars are like once a day. Pretty cool Preston!
I went to the driving range the other evening. This is what freezing cold night golf looks like. I must admit all the boot camp classes that Maren and I have been attending has really helped my golf swing.
 Hansen and I snuck out to the archery range yesterday. I snapped this photo of Hansen, but really it was Hansen taking tons of photos of me. Well, kind of me, more like my bow. He was working on a photograhpy assignment where he was trying to get a silhouette of the arrow flying out of my bow. He got some cool pics for sure. The sunny days here are beautiful for sure, but they sure are cold! It has not been above the mid 40's for a few days here.
Is it Christmas time already? The stores think so. As do the advertisements. And the radio stations. It must be! I did bring in the Christmas decorations in today, but the tree wont go up till Preston's home for Thanksgiving break. In this picture is Maren and her friend Judy. We went to see the Seattle Thunderbirds last night play against the Portland Winterhawks. Seattle won, and after every goal the world chanted my favorite chant ever, "Portland Sucks! Portland Sucks! Portland Sucks!" It is just so wrong. And so right. At the same time.

See you tomorrow.

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Ellen said...

Good for Preston! Hansen's photography project sounds interesting. Yes, we've noticed that everyone seems to think it's Christmas already. When we were driving from Florida to Texas we found radio stations playing only Christmas music everywhere!