Friday, November 13, 2015

Go Vikings?

Good evening, it is Friday.

Today Lillie got to go to the University of Washington with her history class to do some research. Sounds like it may have been a wild goose chase of sorts, but a fun day at the U of W is never a bad thing! I wrote, "Go Huskies" on her lunch, and when dropping her off for the bus I said again, "Go Huskies!" Do you know what she replied? Yup, "Go Vikings!" Yup, she said, "Preston is a Viking! so Go Vikings!"
I asked Lillie to take a couple of pics from the UW. Hi!
Lillie got to study in the Graduate Reading Room, one of the coolest and most intimidating rooms anywhere. Only intimidating because you have to be really smart to be studying in this was always way too quiet for me. Hmm.
Picking up Lillie from school today it was a bit rainy. Just walking from school to the parking lot in this deluge she ended up soaking's that for a photo op?

See you tomorrow.


Amber said...

Go Huskies!

Ellen said...

Go Vikings and Huskies! What a cool reading room!