Friday, October 09, 2015


Good evening, it is Friday.

Here is the text I sent to Preston yesterday:

Lillie and Maren are singing "Santa's coming tonight, tonight! Santa's coming tonight!" Only instead of singing "Santa", They're singing "Preston"!

And last weekend Maren asked Lillie, "Do you know what next weekend is?" And Lillie shouted,"Preston is coming home! Preston is coming home!" Then I said, "True, but it is my birthday." Lillie replied,"Oh really? Sorry dad..."

Yup, Preston is home for the weekend. We went out for our family birthday dinner and will surly have a fun weekend. I will drive Preston and Nick back to college Sunday afternoon.
The Rock was a very good dinner for sure.

This evening Preston and Lillie were playing on the "Get Peanutized" website where you make a Peanuts character to look like you. They made ones of all of us and I snapped pictures:

Can you tell who is who? Here is a hint, they may be in order from old to young.

See you tomorrow.


Susanna Powers said...

Happy Birthday Julian! seems like only yesterday that Preston went to college ....
nice that he's not too far away. Have a good day & a good year, love, susanna & johnny

Ellen said...

Happy birthday! The Peanuts guys are great, especially the Preston and Hansen ones.

Amber said...

I tried to do that Peanuts thing and mine looked... well, a lot like Lillie's! I think the rest of your family looks absolutely spot on. Maren's is especially awesome, and the boys are perfect.

I hope Preston's visit is more like a birthday miracle than the thing that makes your birthday not matter whatsoever.

Bernice said...

Preston's weekend looked like a very good birthday celebration. Good dinner, visit with the family, and the Peanut's family is adorable. Happy Birthday Preston.......