Monday, October 05, 2015

Opening Night!

Good morning, it is Monday.

Over the weekend Maren and I got to attend a Hockey game! Opening night for the Seattle Thunderbirds! They play at the ShowWare center in Kent, so getting there is no big deal. We even at at The Ram with Judy before the match.
We had pretty good seats for sure. I'd say there are no bad seats in the stadium. Well, maybe the front row! Those folks get their world rocked with player body checks and booms of the sticks. Hockey is definitely a game of violence for the sake of violence. Or maybe intimidation. Whatever, the puck is gone when the slamming takes place.
Nice picture of Judy and Maren. Sorry I had to photobomb this shot! The Thunderbirds are basically a high school select team that pulls most of its players from Canada. These kids must really think they have a chance to make it to the big times (about 20% of them do) because they leave their families, live in local's homes, and attend the local high schools with a small stipend to put gas in their cars. Amazing really, not so sure I approve of centering this type of fan base around young kids, but hey, we did see some good hockey as the T-birds won 4-1.

See you tomorrow

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Ellen said...

Looks like a fine place for a hockey game - or a graduation. We went to a hockey game between the Panthers and the Canadiens a few years ago and it was way more fun than watching it on TV.