Sunday, October 18, 2015

And the dance.

Good evening, it is Sunday.

As you saw in the last post, Thursday evening was the Homecoming football game. That means that the dance was Saturday. And yes, Hansen went to the dance.
Hansen went to the dance with Rebecca. How handsome are they? Very Handsome!
Uh, how does this corsage thingy work? No worries Hansen, when I was exactly your age and the waiter asked how I wanted my steak, I said,"Uh...on a plate?" Doh!
Rebecca's little brother is photobombing this picture with style! I think everyone had a great time this Homecoming. Maren, Lillie, and I even went out to dinner as we waited to drive these two around from dinner to the dance. The minivan makes a pretty awesome limousine if you ask me.
Speaking of awesome, Lillie's latest project was to make her own candles. She melted wax along with a crayon to pour into a jar to make a very fancy candle.
This candle will have another layer yet, once dry the wax is a nice layer to stack another layer. Nice going Lillie!

See you tomorrow.


Ellen said...

Aw, Hansen looks so sweet putting on the corsage. A handsome couple indeed! Lillie certainly is creative!

Bernice said...

Boy, they're growing up faster than we can imagine. Hansen and his date sure did look
very "handsome" and "beautiful." Loved the color of her dress and also the corsage. It must have been a great evening.

Lillie keeps finding such neat things to be crafty with. She is so talented in so many
areas. Go.....Lillie!!!

Amber said...

Her dress is beautiful. I always loved my HS dance photos but I don't think I ever looked as good as Hensen's date!!!