Sunday, September 20, 2015

WWU Time!

Good evening, it is Sunday.

Today Preston starts his new adventure. College! A day of days for sure. We loaded up the minivan and made the two hour plus drive to Bellingham to drop him off.
Yup, we were pretty loaded up. But we didn't bring anything home, I think Preston brought about the perfect amount of stuff.
A Maren selfie of the gang on the drive up.
By the time we got to Bellingham the rain was pouring down. The unloading system was pretty slick. I think from when we pulled in to we left it was about an hour and half. And in that time Preston got his room keys, we unloaded the van, and set up room. It was about the perfect amount of time.
Hansen gives Preston's new dorm room two thumbs up!
Lillie helping make the upper bunk for Preston. Then crashing on the comfy pillows.
Maren helped Preston unload his stuff and set up his desk and closet. This dorm is very nice.
Five guys will share this little common room. Three share Preston's room and a couple of guys they just met are on the other side of this common room. It's a very cool set up in a nice building.
Nick and Connor had Preston's PS3 up and playing FIFA by the time we left. These guys will have a great time for sure. School does not start till Thursday, so they have a few days to explore their new world.
 The rest of us hit a dine in Pizza Hut on the drive home. Lillie said it is the first time she has ever been in a dine in Pizza Hut. We made it home safe and sound. It is a little quite around here as I type, and will take everyone a while to get used to Preston off at college. Of course, there is no place else in the whole world we would rather have Preston be as college rolls around. He is at at great University with good friends. Yay! But we are allowed to miss him just a little bit, right? Have a great time at WWU Preston! Go Vikings!

See you tomorrow.

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Ellen said...

It's nice to see where Preston will be - the pictures are great! Of course you'll miss him. We're sure proud of him!