Friday, September 25, 2015

Third time is the charm.

Good morning, it is Friday.

Yes, three days in a row. That is how many times in the last three days Lillie has been to the orthodontist. Tuesday she had her regular check up and everything looked great. Wednesday her orthodontic appliance broke at school and we took her to the orthodontist to have it fixed. They removed it, ordered a new part overnight, and yesterday was the third day in a row as they put it back together.
The cool thing about the last two visits was that the doctor is on vacation and the place was deserted! Lillie was the only patient in the building as an assistant fixed her braces. How cool is that? I thought the orthodontist's office did a great job on Lillie's behalf.

Last night I went to Lillie's open house at the middle school, and a few days prior I went to Hansen's open house at the high school. I really enjoy these evenings because you follow your student's schedule exactly as they do. Walking to different classes and meeting the teachers. After just 10 minutes you move to the next class. Both Lillie and Hansen seem to have wonderful schedules with very good teachers. Preston also started classes yesterday up at WWU. Today he will have the bulk of his classes as Thursday is a lighter day for him. So far Preston seems to be having a great time in college!

See you tomorrow.


Amber said...

Lillie is not smiling.

Ellen said...

I always enjoyed going to open house night. I'm glad Preston's doing well and that Lillie got her braces fixed - tsk!