Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Less than a week!

Good evening, it is Tuesday.

I was looking at my pictures and realized I have not posted in quite awhile. The problem is that I don't have photographers taking photos of me! Ha. This month has been the start of some fun stuff for all of us. I have started playing and guesting in tennis leagues. Where is the photo proof? Not existent, so just google a pic of Roger Federer and you have the idea. Preston has been my playing partner on the days I don't have league, I'd say we're pretty even these days, but he is leaving to college in less than a week. Yes, I said it, he is leaving to college in less than a week! And Maren, check her out, she has started Zumba a couple days a week. No Zumba pictures of her either, so google Zumba and just put Maren in a Zumba dance in your mind's eye. Along with Zumba, Maren signed her and I up for Saturday mornings boot camp. Not book camp, boot camp. SORE! SORE! and SORE! Hansen is running Cross Country, I may get a pic of him running tomorrow at his meet. We also try to get in some archery practice whenever possible. And lastly, Lillie is fitting nicely into middle school. Luckily my schedule allows me to give her a ride to school as she carries her backpack, trombone, and soon a computer to and from school each day!
I do have this picture of tennis balls lined up with the names of playing partners. On league days I show up, find my court and partners and tennis it up for 90 minutes. I am improving quickly and may even need to go up a league by next year.
How about Preston and his buddy Nick at the Seattle Seahawks game? Yup! These two will also be college roommates in a week. I'd say they are squeezing as much fun as possible out of the last few weeks of their summer.

That's all for now, see you tomorrow.


Ellen said...

Zumba! Boot camp! Tennis leagues! Cross country! Carrying trombones! You guys are going to be in great shape! We're glad Preston is having fun before going off to college. We sent a birthday card to him last week. We hope your new job is going well.

Amber said...

I've been doing yoga and Pilates every week at work - it's been great! I hope you both enjoy boot camp (and zumba) just as much!