Tuesday, September 01, 2015


Good evening, it is Tuesday.

School started for all of us on Monday. Hansen is now in 10th grade while Lillie is starting 7th grade. Also a first for me, first day working at a high school. At the end of last year my hours were cut and I ended up in an unassigned pool. I landed at Hansen's high school. Preston didn't have school, so he went golfing!
Here is our little picture collage. Hansen leaves for school before Lillie even wakes up! I'm lucky that my part-time schedule allows me to start late enough that I get to drop Lillie off to school then zip to work.
OK, one without the old guy.

Saturday Preston and I ventured up to Snohomish for the Marta Connell golf tournament. I've played in this event many times, but this is the first time I had Preston as my partner. Yes, we played great. Preston hit many great shots and when he missed, I hit great shots. We really only could have possibly shot a few strokes better. We ended up in second place! Yes, Preston and I did all the scoring for the tournament, but we really did earn second place:) As this is a fund raiser, we donated our winnings back to the charity. Somehow my raffle ticket was the second one called! I could have chosen a nice set of Taylormade irons, but I like my clubs just fine so I decided to pick something for Preston. There were no left handed clubs, so I picked him a couple of tickets to go to Thursday's Seattle Seahawks game. How cool is that? He will venture up there with a friend and surely have a great time. John and Carol drove up with us and had a nice time too. John had a raffle ticket called and chose Preston a very nice dozen golf balls. Great tournament!
We golfed with Deric and Brock and had a great time. Dave took some cool pictures. Here is Preston viewed through a power cart.
Me hitting a drive. FORE!

See you tomorrow.


Ellen said...

Everyone looks great for the first day of school! Congrats on second place in the golf tournament!

Susanna Powers said...

Dear Julian, That sounds like a harder job at the high school, what do you have to do there? Part-time is desirable but there's a down side I'm sure. Good luck to everyone! Love, susanna

Julian Slane said...

Hi Susanna, I'm an ELL paraeducator at the high school. Harder in some ways, easier in others. Most of my students are eager to learn, but can use support in both language and advocating for themselves. Part time is perfect for now, I'm able to drop Lillie off at school on the way to work. I even get to say "hi" to Hansen occasionally:)

Amber said...

This post makes me happy! Good things all around.

Bernice said...

Wonderful pictures of all the kiddos. Love seeing how they are growing and succeeding.
Good luck to you Julian in your new assignment. Sure all will go well.