Saturday, August 01, 2015

Tourist Day.

Good evening, it is Saturday.

We are getting used to this 90 degree weather! Maren actually just said that we're surviving just fine, and I'd agree. Of course, I like this weather a lot. I have been putting as much of this weather in my memory banks for in just a few months from now it will be all cold and rain all the time. Ugh. Doom and gloom you ask? Well, July just ended. Drat, we will be going back to school this month, it's all downhill from here...  Almost, we have a month, and the last few days were fun.
Maren took Friday off work so we could take Lillie downtown for some fun. It is Seafair weekend and the Blue Angles were out. I snapped this photo from the courtyard at the Seattle Center.
Maren got some cool pics too! Sweet pic huh? It is amazing how loud these are while looking a long ways away. And so fast. Maren went out to watch the flybys while Lillie and I waited in a long line for lunch.
Maren may have snapped some nice pictures, but hah, I snapped this one in the Grossology exhibit at the Pacific Science Center. Maren is in a giant nose! I'd pick a perfect photo op! Lillie had a great time being grossed out.
There are also dinosaurs on display. Aaaggghhh...better take a selfie.
I can't believe Darth Vader let Lillie hold this Light Saber in this picture. What am I holding?
These angled mirrors are crazy, two Marens and two Lillies. We also went in the butterfly habitat and saw naked mole rats and so much more.
Like shopping. This run of fingernail polish pushed Lillie over the edge. Time to make a case to hold all these bottles of polish she owns.
So last night I took Lillie out to shop for supplies to make our own case. After searching the whole Home Depot, it turned out that the perfect sticks were the gallon sized stirring sticks. We started with superglue, then hot glue, but ended up using tiny nails to hold the frame together.
Then spray paint. I do enjoy spray painting almost anything.
Voila! Lillie got her new nail polish holder in place! and it holds all but three of her polishes.
We'll finish today's blog with the Blue moon. This moon looks incredible to the eye, not so much to the camera. It was a very cool thing having the moon be so amazingly bright and the temperature was still like 80 11:00pm!

See you tomorrow.


Amber said...

Awesome pictures! Aurora can't believe how much nail polish Lillie has. We did pedicures at home today, but we couldn't even fill half of one shelf!

Ellen said...

That is definitely and awesome nail polish holder!

Bernice said...

Everyone who commented is in awe of Lillie's collection of nail polish and I thought I have many - about 6 0r 7.

You guys made a really neat nail polish holder. Great job!!