Saturday, August 22, 2015


Good evening, it is Saturday.

How about a Maren blog post? Sure, I've got two pictures of her from today alone.
This evening was a Sausage & Cider Fest at a local park. It was fun for sure. Vendors were set up around the perimeter and there was a live band too. We tasted some of the best ciders we have ever had, and maybe a few that don't need repeating. We even purchased a few ciders to bring home, the winners of course.
Speaking of winners, where will the tennis ball go? It could go anywhere! Today I took the kids to the jr. high school for some tennis. The courts are worn and tattered, but it is super close and never busy, so it's all good. Maren walked the track while we played, but we got her on the court for set or two. Fore!

See you tomorrow.

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Ellen said...

Nice Maren post! Looks like it's still nice weather there!