Friday, August 07, 2015


Good evening, it is Friday.

I have a lot to catch you up on. Monday and Tuesday Preston and I were up at Western Washington University for orientation and registration. And once we got home we had a busy week. Lets get to the pictures.
This was the first week of Summerstart at WWU. Preston got to be with the other high credit freshman, which is great. That gives him the small advantage of being in the first group of freshman to register for classes. All day Monday and half of Tuesday was conference style for parents. I could choose what classes to attend while Preston was off being counselled and orientated. I learned way more than I thought I could learn about stuff I didn't know I needed to know. It was good.
Preston was lucky to run into a high school friend. He and Drew ended up hanging out whenever possible, which was great for both of them as it was a whole new world.
This was my tiny dorm room. Preston didn't have a roommate at first, so he and Drew ended up rooming together. Students and family were kind of separated this whole time. Different schedules and different dorms. I did get to visit with Preston during meal times, but that was about it. At first I was a bit taken back by this major separation, but in the end I think it was great. I guess the college does know what's best.
Neither Preston or I purchased any WWU apparel for ourselves, but I did buy a hoodie for Maren, and t-shirts for Lillie and Hansen. We are excited to part of the WWU family.
This was the view from the front of my dorm building. It is really an amazing campus. Preston wasn't quite as thrilled with his first ever schedule and the hoops he had to go through to get it, but I think it will be a great schedule for his first quarter of college.
Speaking of school, I took Hansen and Lillie out school supply shopping yesterday. Now these to knuckleheads have school supplies. Next week will be looking for shoes and such.
Speaking of class, Hansen has been getting better at driving. He has just a couple more drives left then he will be ready to take his tests. I do put this magnet on the car when he and I are out driving just to get a half an ounce more patience from those around us. It seems to work. Hansen has his own take on what the magnet actually reads.
The other day while Hansen was driving me all around Kent, I noticed that the MacDonalds I worked at way back when I was like Hansen's age is now closed! As is the Kent Payless Drugs I worked at. As are golf courses Elk Run and Sumner Meadows. I hate to say it, but like half the places I've worked in my whole life are now closed. Anyone want to hire me? Doh.
Signing off with maybe the best picture of the day. Preston is in Idaho with a couple of friends for an adventure at a friend's cabin. They were hauling stuff over there and then staying for a day. This morning Preston texted me this picture. First time he cast his line, he caught this huge fish! Awesome.

See you tomorrow.

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Ellen said...

Wow, it's really happening - Preston's starting college! Glad everyone has school supplies and WWU wear. Ha ha, from now on when I'm behind a student driver I'll think of Hansen and that magnet. What's up with MacD's and Payless? Don't people in Kent still need to eat and go to the drug store? Well, all the print shops Dad worked at his whole printing career have closed down. When I get back to Florida I'm planning to blog about A.D. Weiss Lithograph, where he started when he was 20. For the last few years we've watched it go out of business, sit empty, get torn down...and now they're building a school there. So I think you're in the right business.