Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Ocean Shores.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

How about a summer ending trip to Ocean Shores? Yes!
On the way down we stopped by the outlet malls in Centrallia for some last minute school shopping, then had lunch at the DQ in Aberdeen as we have on trips to the Ocean for many years. All five of us used to fit in one of these little booths just fine, now we take up two.
Once checked in the hotel, it is off on the sandy paths to the ocean.
I'm not the only one stopping for pictures. Hansen is the better photographer by far. He will be starting his second year of photography class when school resumes on Monday.

While Hansen is off taking photos, Preston and Lillie are goofing in the ocean.
The sunset over the ocean is an amazing site for sure. What you can't see from these peaceful pictures is the noise. The relentless wind and the roaring ocean makes for a very loud experience. Our room was pretty nice, but the peacefulness of the quiet after being out on the beach in the evening is so nice. We spent so much time out on the water and getting to the ocean that most the restaurants were closed by the time we wanted to eat dinner. It was off to the grocery store for a plethora of microwavable dinners. Then some serious card games.
The next morning while the kids slept the early morning away, Maren and I took a walk around the town and on the beach. Not so much wind and a beautiful morning. Selfie?
How about a little frisbee on the beach! Sure, then off for souvenirs and lunch before the drive home.
Look out for the shark!
The small hotel next to ours. This picture cracks me up as every single parking spot is empty, but the only car in the whole lot is parked in the only not parking spot as it is the walkway.
Dugan's Pizza! We have ate at Dugan's every single visit over the last 20 years at Ocean Shores. This year Hansen spent some of his school clothes money on their t-shirt.
Bye Ocean Shores, till next year.

See you tomorrow.


Susanna Powers said...

Hi Julian, I'm surprised the place was so empty, it looks beautiful and it's still summer. Watch the Rob & Ellie blog for updates, they had a whirlwind little visit here last night, and I am sure they are driving somewhere in Florida at the moment. love, susanna & johnny

Julian Slane said...

Really Ocean Shores was pretty busy. That picture was taken on Monday around check out time, and I'm not sure those small little places get too much business now that there is a large casino hotel a few miles down the road. I'll be watching their blog...

Amber said...

It looks like you were next to the Bates Motel! Seriously, I'm all the way jealous of this trip. I need a beach vacation!

Ellen said...

We're back and you're certainly welcome to watch (and comment on) our blog. Looks like a nice little trip to Ocean Shores. Do I see a beard?