Thursday, August 13, 2015

Cousins, Softball, and Naruto.

Good afternoon, it is Thursday.

A couple of days ago we got to visit with cousins from Indianapolis. Maren's cousin Ethan and his family were in town for a few days.
A few of us were able to visit as well as Mel and her kiddos. As you can see, fun was had by all. Goofballs around!
Preston even got a guitar lesson as Ethan is in a rock band and has played guitar for like ever. Ethan didn't have his guitar on this vacation and was happy to have one to goof with for a few minutes for sure.
How about playing softball? Yes, I have not played an inning of softball since the 1980's. This was my first swing since then. Why is the ball falling to the ground near my ankle even though I swung? A friend's team was short players so I was invited to play. The boys came to watch the game. This may be the only time in their lives I play on a softball team. I could be OK if I played once in a while. I was left field and made a good catch and missed a couple as well. I did get on base and made it around to home. Softball is not that easy!

Hansen recorded this hit. Not too impressive. This could have been a double play ball if I didn't out run the throw to first.
Today we did some school shopping at the outlet mall and we ran into Naruto and Sakura. Preston chased them down to get this photo! They were happy to have a fan.
To end this post, how about some Lillie fingernail art. These have already been replaced, but they sure were cool looking.

See you tomorrow.

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Ellen said...

Hey, good hit! It's nice that everyone could get together with the cousins. Lillie is sure great at fingernail art!