Friday, July 24, 2015

Paper Towns and Grease.

Good morning, it is Friday.

The last couple of evenings have been anticipated times. Wednesday we went to the 5th Ave and see Grease! And last night was to the movie theater to see the opening show of Paper Towns.
Paper Towns is a John Green book that has been made into a movie. We purchased this book and it has been being tossed between Preston and Lillie as the rest of us read it a couple of years ago. Both Preston and Lillie finished it before the movie premier. How do you like Lillie's new lava lamp? Yeah, she gave me back the old lamp I made in high school. Strange.
Hansen and Maren with the poster that we go for being in attendance. Yes, that is a Pizza John shirt Hansen is wearing.
John Green on the big screen! Unfortunately the intro was all we got to see. The theater had streaming issues and a lot of unhappy patrons. After the movie we were to see the party and Q&A with the actors and such. But there was no picture. They did apologize and give us a movie pass in return, but there were a lot of unhappy fans who really love John Green, and everything he stands for, and really just wanted to see him live. Yes, I'd say he was going to be the hit, more than the movie even. Bummer, but what can you do? I felt bad for the kids working the theater for not much more than minimum wage having to navigate this unfortunate situation of no live feed.
This picture is from Wednesday evening as we get ready for our greasy burgers in preparation for Grease the musical playing at the 5th Ave.
Inside the 5th Ave before the musical. They had a band playing oldies. This really was a great performance and I'm looking forward to seeing Grease the movie again.
On the way to see Grease, Lillie played her last tennis match of the season. Couldn't be prouder of Lillie for sticking with and enjoying tennis season. This morning she is just sleeping in, no early morning practice for the rest of the summer!

See you tomorrow.


Ellen said...

I bet Grease was great as a play. We've always liked the movie. Thinking of it reminds me of when it came out and Grandma Bobby lived at a trailer park in Florida City near the waterslide. She complained to us that they played "You're The One That I Love" practically 24 hours LOUD at the waterslide. Poor Grandma Bobby was not amused.

Amber said...

I just read The Fault in our Stars! I'll add Paper Towns to my reading list. Sorry the screening was a bust, but hopefully you'll get to see it soon.