Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Now Watch This Drive...

Good evening, it is Tuesday.

So far this summer has been great. A ton of really warm weather, and a bit of the same thing everyday. July will look the same most of the month, but the end of July will bring the end of our daily routines. So, lets celebrate them while we can! Of course, I've got way too many pictures of lots of things, but first, the regulars:
Hansen finishing up his first drivers ed drive. He attends class M-Th and is learning lots of good driving stuff!
Lillie gets up early M-Th for tennis. She has played three matches against other teams and I'm proud to report she is 2-1. This photo is from her last match, she is waiting for her opponent to prepare to serve. You can't tell, but Lillie did get a new tennis racquet. It is pink and powerful.
Yesterday Lillie had her third match. I like to set up the chairs up on the hillside to watch with a great view. Yesterday Jack, Preston, Avery, John, and Carol were also watching.
Preston has been doing lots of fun things with his friends this summer.He and some of his friends marched in the Kent Cornucopia Days parade. Yes, they stuck with the Star Wars theme. Hello Jedi Preston.
 Yes, we were all at the parade to cheer on Preston. In this picture the Seafair pirate ship is about to pass by the frame shooting its cannons! If you look closely you can see Carol, John, Maren, Hansen, and Lillie watching from the curb.
When is the parade going to start???
Soccer golf! I took Preston and a few of his friends out for a shot at soccer golf. It was a real kick in the grass!
You can see Preston kicking a huge drive in the background. He was by far the best of the bunch as he can kick super far and knows golf. I played quite well as golf is golf, and his friends all had a great time as well.
Yes, we have played some real golf too. Here Preston tees off on hole 4 at Jade Green for some twilight golf fun.
Hansen too!
Ugh, that's me. Actually I've still got game, but if golf was on my list of regular activities, I would totally need to work on my flexibility. Golf is hard! I'm looking forward to following The Open this weekend. I've also been trying to watch the Tour De France too. And Wimbledon was great to watch as well. Can't forget about the Women's World Cup either! July always has the best sports in my opinion.
Last weekend Hansen and I archered in the Subway games. This weekend brings the Washington State Target Championships. It will be a lot of arrows shot in very warm weather!

What have I missed? Sorry, no pictures of Maren working:) Not sure Maren really minds working on those 90 degree days, after all, her work has air conditioning, and her home does not.

See you tomorrow.

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Ellen said...

Sounds like everyone's having a good summer so far!