Tuesday, July 07, 2015

July 4th, and tennis too.

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Yesterday was Lillie's first ever tennis match. Now, I don't know that she should actually be pitted up against Serena at Wimbledon just yet, but Lillie did great! She has a consistent serve and is pretty good at the lob shot.
How about a winning ribbon! For a sporting event! You go Lillie.

The fourth of July also happened since the last time I blogged. This year was a departure from our old routines. I'd have to guess that we have been going to the Burien parade for the last 25 years. Much longer if you're an Ostergard an you're counting back to before the time you ever met a Slane person. This year John and Carol live here in Covington, so why go to Burien right? So we didn't. We went to the pool instead. At 95 degrees, the pool was the right place to be for sure. Then it was back to John and Carol's for diner and fireworks.
Avery and Maren are ready.
Preston played us some music on his guitar. He knows all the cool songs.
Lillie made an amazing cake for us to enjoy.
Court was just having way too much fun.
And Hansen had control of a lighter. We're ready, we're ready!
Once we actually started lighting off fireworks, it became clear that the folks around the corner were the ones putting on the real show. Amazing really. As this has been a very dry time around here, having fireworks be legal has been a real stressful time for many in town. Just in our little area we witnessed a large tree go up in flames (that was very scary as it looked like it could have been a house at first), and just our little fireworks alone started two lawn fires (that we quickly put out). There were sounds of fire engines all around and we were just hoping things stayed sane. I watered the lawn at our house and hoped the neighbors would actually shoot their fireworks up into the sky this year rather than along the ground. I hope you had a safe and sane 4th of July!

See you tomorrow.

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Ellen said...

That's an amazing cake! We're glad no serious fires occurred. Happy Fourth of July!