Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Good evening, it is Wednesday.

We are halfway through the week without Preston and Hansen as they are on the mission trip. The house is quiet, but we're staying busy. Trying to get Lillie to do stuff is a bit tricky, because you know, we're not Preston or Hansen. Although today Lillie and I went to the zoo, which was very fun. Below are pictures from the last couple of days and a few I found of the boys on FB. Enjoy:
See this smile? This picture was taken right after the best tennis match of Lillie's young tennis career. At the season ending multi club tennis tournament Lillie and her partner won a marathon match in the semi-finals of the 11-12 girls doubles division. This match ended up at a 6-6 tie and went into a tiebreaker. Lillie's team won the tiebreaker 8-6. Great match! They kind of got steam rolled in the finals by the team that has won their division for the last four years. Great tournament.
Lillie and her partner with their trophies. This was truly an earned trophy.
Close up of the trophy. Cool huh?
I found a few pictures of the boys from the mission trip. While they have been running a soccer camp during the day, they have been busy the whole time. Here they are painting a shed. And themselves. and each other. But at the end of the day they are doing great works for sure.
Hansen and this group seem to be teaching art to some campers. Must be different age groups doing different activities. I'm sure we will hear more when they get back.
I think these two girls have found their favorite soccer coach in the whole wide world! Hi Preston:)
The Point Defiance Zoo. We took this picture because it has Maren's mountain in the background. You can kind of see it.
Turns out today was International Tiger Day and the zoo was raising awareness of deforestation issues. Around the corner from this photo op was:
Two month old baby tigers! They really were the cutest little kittens.
Almost as cute as a meerkat! The meerkats really were fun to watch. They were digging holes and looking around.
The red fox was fun to see.
Oh my, the polar bears were amazing. Lillie said it was like a Coke commercial! hah! But she was right.
Sharks! This zoo has an aquarium as well. This may be my favorite zoo. It is not too big and is very well planned out. After we got home from the zoo it was home for a nap. I won't show you the picture Maren took of me sleeping on the couch when she got home from work. Humph.
This evening was the season ending tennis banquet. We picked up her photos and she was awarded Most Improved! Again, congrats!

See you tomorrow.


Ellen said...

Congrats to Lillie on her tennis trophy! It was nice to see pictures of the boys on their mission trip. We might just have to add seeing the Meercats at the zoo to the list of things to do on our next visit...

Ellen said...

Woops, I meant meerkats.

Bernice said...

I'm catching up on viewing the blogs, and I must say Lillie is quite impressive with her
tennis trophy - great work Lillie. She is so adorable. And those two handsome sons - seeing what the boys are involved in is really great - their mission and coaching the younger kids.
I am very impressed...

You and Maren keep them involved in so many important activities. I must say you are great parents for those great kids.