Saturday, July 25, 2015

Cool times.

Good morning, it is Saturday.

Yesterday brought another fun performance to watch. This time is was a live concert in the park. Darren Motamedy was playing jazz with his band. Mr. Motamedy was Preston's 5th and 6th grade band concert, and to this day one of his all time favorite teachers.
There had to be a couple hundred folks on blankets and in lawn chairs spread out over a soccer field just to see Mr. Motamedy play. Here he is wandering the crowd while jazzing it up. Mr. Mo is one cool cat.
After the concert Preston and I went up to say Hi. We got this great picture as well as purchasing Darren's latest CD...Mr. Motamedy even wrote a nice note on it for Preston.
Earlier in the day Hansen and I brought some archery stuff over to our friend's house. Jim and Nick had a little range set up to learn some skills. They have a very long yard, so this was safe as could be.
Here they are all lined up and shooting. These guys did pretty well at shooting. Hansen may have more shooting friends in the near future.

No pictures of the epic Slane tennis match. The kids and I were actually playing games of tennis for the first time. I'd say we were matched evenly enough to make for some very fun tennis. Too bad there is no video of Preston's winning shot that hit me in the shoulder, spun me around, and landed me flat on my back on the court! Of course that led to tons of laughter and a great time by all.

See you tomorrow.

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Ellen said...

Wow, what a cool concert! I didn't realize tennis could be such a dangerous sport - tsk. It makes archery seem safe, as long as no one brings a bucket of chicken.