Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Good evening, it is Wednesday.

We are halfway through the week without Preston and Hansen as they are on the mission trip. The house is quiet, but we're staying busy. Trying to get Lillie to do stuff is a bit tricky, because you know, we're not Preston or Hansen. Although today Lillie and I went to the zoo, which was very fun. Below are pictures from the last couple of days and a few I found of the boys on FB. Enjoy:
See this smile? This picture was taken right after the best tennis match of Lillie's young tennis career. At the season ending multi club tennis tournament Lillie and her partner won a marathon match in the semi-finals of the 11-12 girls doubles division. This match ended up at a 6-6 tie and went into a tiebreaker. Lillie's team won the tiebreaker 8-6. Great match! They kind of got steam rolled in the finals by the team that has won their division for the last four years. Great tournament.
Lillie and her partner with their trophies. This was truly an earned trophy.
Close up of the trophy. Cool huh?
I found a few pictures of the boys from the mission trip. While they have been running a soccer camp during the day, they have been busy the whole time. Here they are painting a shed. And themselves. and each other. But at the end of the day they are doing great works for sure.
Hansen and this group seem to be teaching art to some campers. Must be different age groups doing different activities. I'm sure we will hear more when they get back.
I think these two girls have found their favorite soccer coach in the whole wide world! Hi Preston:)
The Point Defiance Zoo. We took this picture because it has Maren's mountain in the background. You can kind of see it.
Turns out today was International Tiger Day and the zoo was raising awareness of deforestation issues. Around the corner from this photo op was:
Two month old baby tigers! They really were the cutest little kittens.
Almost as cute as a meerkat! The meerkats really were fun to watch. They were digging holes and looking around.
The red fox was fun to see.
Oh my, the polar bears were amazing. Lillie said it was like a Coke commercial! hah! But she was right.
Sharks! This zoo has an aquarium as well. This may be my favorite zoo. It is not too big and is very well planned out. After we got home from the zoo it was home for a nap. I won't show you the picture Maren took of me sleeping on the couch when she got home from work. Humph.
This evening was the season ending tennis banquet. We picked up her photos and she was awarded Most Improved! Again, congrats!

See you tomorrow.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Soccer Camp.

Good morning, it is Monday.

Yesterday both boys left with our church's youth group on a week long mission trip to Idaho. I'm sure they will have a great time as they both have good friends going with them. We will certainly miss them this week, but good for them for going on this adventure.
After church the kids and parents were just roaming around and packing up for the trip. They have a large van with a trailer carrying twelve kids, three adults (well, a few of the kids are actually adults), and all their stuff about 6 hours away for a week.
This is the group. We've heard that they made it safely as we have seen some updates on FB. This week one of their main ministries is to run a soccer camp for kids. If I'm not mistaken, Preston and Nick were kind of in charge of the whole thing as far as planning and such goes. I'm sure it will be a great camp for the kids. I'm trying to fill the days this week with stuff to do with Lillie as her favorites will be gone for a week. Of course, she is still sleeping as I type, so a little break is being enjoyed by all at the moment.
I don't use twitter very often, in fact I 'd say I don't use much social media that much at all...other than to read and search. I've kind of gotten out of the habit of bragging or spewing on social media. That's what my blog is for:) Well, Saturday evening was the Seattle Torchlight Parade. And they were posting tweets on live TV. So I tweeted. Maren and I were going to go [to the parade] in person, but the rain kind of stopped us. Rain you ask? The ironic part of this story is how it did rain on the parade, during the driest summer on record, on the statistically driest weekend our region sees every year. But the rain has been great. Don't worry, the next week is supposed to be up in the 80's and 90's again. Doh.

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Cool times.

Good morning, it is Saturday.

Yesterday brought another fun performance to watch. This time is was a live concert in the park. Darren Motamedy was playing jazz with his band. Mr. Motamedy was Preston's 5th and 6th grade band concert, and to this day one of his all time favorite teachers.
There had to be a couple hundred folks on blankets and in lawn chairs spread out over a soccer field just to see Mr. Motamedy play. Here he is wandering the crowd while jazzing it up. Mr. Mo is one cool cat.
After the concert Preston and I went up to say Hi. We got this great picture as well as purchasing Darren's latest CD...Mr. Motamedy even wrote a nice note on it for Preston.
Earlier in the day Hansen and I brought some archery stuff over to our friend's house. Jim and Nick had a little range set up to learn some skills. They have a very long yard, so this was safe as could be.
Here they are all lined up and shooting. These guys did pretty well at shooting. Hansen may have more shooting friends in the near future.

No pictures of the epic Slane tennis match. The kids and I were actually playing games of tennis for the first time. I'd say we were matched evenly enough to make for some very fun tennis. Too bad there is no video of Preston's winning shot that hit me in the shoulder, spun me around, and landed me flat on my back on the court! Of course that led to tons of laughter and a great time by all.

See you tomorrow.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Paper Towns and Grease.

Good morning, it is Friday.

The last couple of evenings have been anticipated times. Wednesday we went to the 5th Ave and see Grease! And last night was to the movie theater to see the opening show of Paper Towns.
Paper Towns is a John Green book that has been made into a movie. We purchased this book and it has been being tossed between Preston and Lillie as the rest of us read it a couple of years ago. Both Preston and Lillie finished it before the movie premier. How do you like Lillie's new lava lamp? Yeah, she gave me back the old lamp I made in high school. Strange.
Hansen and Maren with the poster that we go for being in attendance. Yes, that is a Pizza John shirt Hansen is wearing.
John Green on the big screen! Unfortunately the intro was all we got to see. The theater had streaming issues and a lot of unhappy patrons. After the movie we were to see the party and Q&A with the actors and such. But there was no picture. They did apologize and give us a movie pass in return, but there were a lot of unhappy fans who really love John Green, and everything he stands for, and really just wanted to see him live. Yes, I'd say he was going to be the hit, more than the movie even. Bummer, but what can you do? I felt bad for the kids working the theater for not much more than minimum wage having to navigate this unfortunate situation of no live feed.
This picture is from Wednesday evening as we get ready for our greasy burgers in preparation for Grease the musical playing at the 5th Ave.
Inside the 5th Ave before the musical. They had a band playing oldies. This really was a great performance and I'm looking forward to seeing Grease the movie again.
On the way to see Grease, Lillie played her last tennis match of the season. Couldn't be prouder of Lillie for sticking with and enjoying tennis season. This morning she is just sleeping in, no early morning practice for the rest of the summer!

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Usual.

Good afternoon, it is Wednesday.

The temps are finally coming down from a very warm weekend. Friday through Sunday saw temps in the low 90s! So what did we do to beat the heat? Just the usual.
Hansen and I spent the heat of both Saturday and Sunday at the state target championships. A full field of archers shot a couple of 900 rounds in 90+ weather.
Hansen shooting with a couple of friends.
By the end of the second day, Hansen had won the youth bowhunter freestyle division. And set a new Washington State record! Way to go Hansen. I shot pretty OK myself, but it was a very long couple of days shooting in the heat.
Saturday night Maren and I were lucky enough to get to go see the Tacoma Rainiers (Seattle Mariners AAA team) break out of a 7 game loosing streak. Of course, the best part of the best inning of the game was when I was out buying popcorn and beverages.
 Lillie had a tennis match. She has another week of her first ever tennis season. I'd say Tennis has been a huge success for Lillie.
Just because it is in the 90s, doesn't mean you can't get out the hair dryer to make melting crayon art! Right Lillie? Right.
Pretty cool melted crayon art. That is, if you don't want to actually color with these crayons ever again.
Here is another way to beat the heat. Preston, Lillie, and I out for an ice-cream break while visiting the local music store.
Speaking music, here Preston's friend Carson is teaching Lillie's first ever trombone lesson. A couple more of these lessons and Lillie will be an expert trombonist I'm sure.

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Chicken Dinner!

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Yesterday after Hansen's drivers ed class, we headed a couple of blocks up the road to help set up a pool table in the high school room at the church. This table was donated by someone who purchased a summer home with included pool table. Only they didn't want a pool table.
After Hansen and I played a horrible game of pool, Preston and Nick did the same. This is a nice pool table for sure!
Early afternoon brought a tennis match as well as tennis pictures. Here Lillie is getting her individual photo in this shot. Then the team lined up from tall to short for the team pics. Yes, Lillie was hanging out with kids a few years older than her.
Double blue ribbons! Yes, Lillie won both of her matches yesterday. Way to go Lillie!
Changing a flat tire? Nope, changing a perfectly good tire. One Hansen's driver ed assignments is to change a tire. So, he did. All by himself. I hung out and guided from the chair, but Hansen did all the work.
And here is proof. LOL. Maren snapped this photo of us. Today completes Hansen's driver ed classes. He still has a few more class drives and is a long way from his actual drivers license, but he is on his way for sure.

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Now Watch This Drive...

Good evening, it is Tuesday.

So far this summer has been great. A ton of really warm weather, and a bit of the same thing everyday. July will look the same most of the month, but the end of July will bring the end of our daily routines. So, lets celebrate them while we can! Of course, I've got way too many pictures of lots of things, but first, the regulars:
Hansen finishing up his first drivers ed drive. He attends class M-Th and is learning lots of good driving stuff!
Lillie gets up early M-Th for tennis. She has played three matches against other teams and I'm proud to report she is 2-1. This photo is from her last match, she is waiting for her opponent to prepare to serve. You can't tell, but Lillie did get a new tennis racquet. It is pink and powerful.
Yesterday Lillie had her third match. I like to set up the chairs up on the hillside to watch with a great view. Yesterday Jack, Preston, Avery, John, and Carol were also watching.
Preston has been doing lots of fun things with his friends this summer.He and some of his friends marched in the Kent Cornucopia Days parade. Yes, they stuck with the Star Wars theme. Hello Jedi Preston.
 Yes, we were all at the parade to cheer on Preston. In this picture the Seafair pirate ship is about to pass by the frame shooting its cannons! If you look closely you can see Carol, John, Maren, Hansen, and Lillie watching from the curb.
When is the parade going to start???
Soccer golf! I took Preston and a few of his friends out for a shot at soccer golf. It was a real kick in the grass!
You can see Preston kicking a huge drive in the background. He was by far the best of the bunch as he can kick super far and knows golf. I played quite well as golf is golf, and his friends all had a great time as well.
Yes, we have played some real golf too. Here Preston tees off on hole 4 at Jade Green for some twilight golf fun.
Hansen too!
Ugh, that's me. Actually I've still got game, but if golf was on my list of regular activities, I would totally need to work on my flexibility. Golf is hard! I'm looking forward to following The Open this weekend. I've also been trying to watch the Tour De France too. And Wimbledon was great to watch as well. Can't forget about the Women's World Cup either! July always has the best sports in my opinion.
Last weekend Hansen and I archered in the Subway games. This weekend brings the Washington State Target Championships. It will be a lot of arrows shot in very warm weather!

What have I missed? Sorry, no pictures of Maren working:) Not sure Maren really minds working on those 90 degree days, after all, her work has air conditioning, and her home does not.

See you tomorrow.