Thursday, June 18, 2015

The U.S. Open is Here!

Good evening, it is Thursday.

Today was a very interesting day. I learned a couple of weeks ago that due to budget cuts the job I've enjoyed for the last seven years has been cut. I opted to throw my name in an unfilled pool where paraeducators go by seniority to choose from unfilled jobs. With seven years I have decent seniority, so I was hopeful. I left the pool (which was kind of like the NFL draft) with an ELL job at the high school Preston just graduated from, Hansen goes to, and Lillie will be going to. I'm a bit nervous to go from elementary to high school, but I'm very excited as well. And as of today, I get to be excited for the whole summer. That's right, school's out for summer!

I'm also very excited about the U.S. Open being played here at Chambers Bay! Yesterday I was able to take Preston, Connor, and Nick to a practice round. The greens may be a bit rough, but the course is just an amazing place, and the USGA has made this a world class event.
Judy secured the four passes that we used. Thank you Judy!
The first golfer we saw was Rory. You can tell its Rory from a mile away. And at times we felt we were a mile away as this course is absolutely huge.
Here Preston is looking over the entirety of the whole course. Absolutely beautiful day and amazing course.
The stands were a great place to watch on this course. Smile guys. Yes, these three are going to be college roommates in the fall. I truly enjoyed hanging with these three.
This is the merchandise tent! The USGA does nothing small. This "tent" was like Nordstrom or something. And the prices were about the same.
$109.00 for a sweatshirt? I call that getting swindled and pimped, I call that getting tricked by a business. Yes, I did get my U.S. Open jacket from the Thrift Shop! The boys didn't even want me buy them a $5.50 hot dog! But I did anyway. Yum!
We never did get to see Tiger. But we did see my favorite golfer of today...Jordan!
Yup, that's Jordan Spieth teeing off on hole 14. I think Jordan will win this week. While I really enjoyed being at the Open and seeing how amazing a show the USGA puts on, I'm really excited to watch this tournament on HDTV this weekend.
This is Ricky Fowler teeing off on hole 14 today as I watched on TV. The next comparison is my favorite:
This is me playing Chambers Bay two years ago. This is hole 15.
And this is Jordan Spieth playing hole 15 today. I could have been a contender! Well, no. I hope you enjoy watching this tournament. We have lots going on, so Maren has set the DVR for me. Yay.

See you tomorrow.


Ellen said...

Congrats on the new job - it sounds exciting! We're watching the US Open right now. The course is growing on me. I like the vistas of the sound and sky, and the golf course is unique and challenging. It's nice to read your blog and watch at the same time, so we can enjoy seeing Jordan, Justin, Jason, and Julian.

Stef said...

I enjoyed the Macklemore reference :)

Amber said...

I think the new job sounds amazing - you probably get to sleep in a little later and go in with Hansen, right? Congrats on staying employed, and on seeing the Masters!

Julian Slane said...

Hah Amber! I will most likely be working an hour or two earlier (high schools start a couple hours before elementary schools). And Hansen will most likely take the bus rather than drive into school with me! I told him if I do actually see him in the halls, not to worry, I'll only give him a big hug right in front of all his friends! LOL.