Monday, June 29, 2015

Our Mountain!

Good evening, it is Monday.

This long weekend stretched our little family out farther than ever before. Maren is in San Francisco for ALA conference. Hansen and I were in Darrington for an the State Field Archery Tournament, and Preston and Lillie stayed home. By themselves. Hansen and I are home now and Maren gets in tomorrow.
Maren! This photo was taken on Thursday at a little party her department threw for her. Why? Maren has been a librarian with KCLS for 20 years now! 20're halfway there! There being 10 years into retirement:)
Speaking of Maren, she is in San Francisco for ALA. With the ruling by the SCOTUS on Friday, this pride parade may be the biggest ever. Maren said it started at 9:00am and at 5:00pm it was still going! Friday was quite a day for the President. He started with a speech at the White House on the SCOTUS ruling, then he flew to Charleston for an impassioned eulogy. I watched them both on TV before heading to Darrington with Hansen for some archery.
Of course, while I'm getting ready to drive my eight year old minivan two hours north in 95 degree temp, Maren sent me this pic of her in front of one of the snazzy Subarus dressed up for convention.
Yes it was nearly 100 degrees for this archery tournament. And this little tent was Hansen's and my home for two nights. There were a few of these little tents around, but behind me [as I snap this photo] was basically a motor home city. It did cool down to the upper 60's at night and the tent was great!
 Hansen and a hundred other archers warming up Saturday morning. Saturday was a grueling day. We traversed an entire mountain side while shooting 28 field targets (4 arrows each target) and 14 animal targets (one arrow per target). We started at 9:00am and my group didn't get off the mountain till after 6:00pm. Grueling day for sure.
A fellow shooter in Hansen's group took this picture of him. Very cool.
Hansen getting his award. He is the Washington State Field Archery Champion in the young adult bowhunter freestyle division. Way to go Hansen! I felt I shot pretty good, but middle of the pack in the Adult freestyle division was about the best I could do.
Preston and Lillie stayed home. Other than being a great brother to Lillie, taking her out to the movies, and to Value Village and such, he has been shopping for a keyboard to bring to college in the fall. He still has a couple of months to find a keyboard and a computer. No worries.
Preston also sent this text to Maren. Now, usually if Maren is sending me text messages about text messages she is getting from the kids while they are home and she is in San Francisco, I might get a bit concerned. But this one is awesome! Every time the weather is clear and beautiful and we're driving around the traffic circle near KL (not necessarily very often), Maren says, "Look, there's our mountain!" It is a pretty amazing view of Mount Rainier. And, well, I guess it is not lost on Lillie!

Here are a few extra pictures from the last few days:
Lillie at tennis practice. She has been getting up early every day for tennis at the pool. She has joined the tennis team and is really enjoying it.
Today Hansen took his first real drive on actual roads. I went to a parent meeting for his drivers ed class and they passed out this magnetic bumper stickers. Once he is road worthy, I may put it away, but it sure is fun to waive that "student driver" sticker around. And it looks good on my van don't you think?
Lillie and I playing Hedbandz. It is a game where you put a card on your forehead and ask the other player questions to figure out the word. Now I'd never cheat at any type of game ever, but hey Lillie, how about a selfie? Am I, um...Harry Potter?

See you tomorrow.


Ellen said...

Wow, congratulations to Hansen on the being the young adult archer extraordinaire and also driving! It was nice to see Mt. Rainier when we were there - looks like it's still great weather for it.

Amber said...

Did Maren see Dan Santat's Caldacott Award speech?

That tent looks cozy (and really easy to assemble/disassemble). We're going camping again this weekend - it'll be hot for sure, but we have plans up north and the kids are excited. Clark and I don't sleep well in a tent, but we don't sleep well in a hotel either so why not?

I remember when Eric would drive backwards through the neighborhood, bringing me to my friends houses or to the food store. I did not appreciate the mountains or tall trees back then, but I predict that Lillie will always remember Preston's last summer at home :)

Julian Slane said...

Amber, Maren didn't see the Caldecott speeches, but she heard they were stellar and watched them "live" via twitter.

The tent works perfectly, two cots on either side with our respective stuff under them. We would certainly prefer a pop up tow-able trailer, but we do this camping thing so infrequently, it just wouldn't be worth it.

Lillie will also remember this as the summer of throwing frisbees on the roof. And blaming the poor tosses on her frisbee partner Preston. Yeah, she isn't fooling anyone.