Monday, June 15, 2015

Graduation Weekend!

Good morning, it is Monday.

Preston's graduation weekend kept us all very busy. It also kept my camera very busy. So without further ado, lets get this show on the road.
Friday was Preston's first day of no school. Well, kind of. He had graduation rehearsal at the school then a senior brunch at a local golf course. Afterwards I took Preston, his friend Johnathan, and Johnathan's dad out golfing. We had a great time golfing for sure. After golf, I picked my parents up at the airport. They came up all the way from Florida to be here for Preston's graduation.
Saturday at 12:30 was graduation. We showed up at a perfect time. Just minutes after this selfie of  half of our gang, all the seats behind us and throughout the Show Ware Center were full.
We all had this program to read. This is a very impressive class of young adults. I've only thought the very best of the class of 2015 since Preston's first days of school.
There's Preston's name. Wow, lots of awards! Preston really has had an amazingly successful high school career.
How about a little bragging? Well, OK. These are some of the awards sitting at his spot at the table along with his honor cords. This is a pile of the most recent, but going back throughout his school career there have been dozens of honors for both academic and athletic accomplishments. Not to mention awards such as most inspirational which show what a great citizen he truly is.
Preston was in the front row of his graduating class of 325 kids. There were a few students that gave very nice speeches as did a teacher. This was a very well done graduation.
Here Preston walking down the stairs after receiving his diploma holder. YAHOO! Yes, we did all yell and cheer.
After the ceremony Preston had pictures taken with all of us outside with the mobs of other grads. The kid picture.
Aunties Mel and Stef.
Grandparents Robert and Ellen.
Grandparents John and Carol.
Siblings Lillie and Hansen.
Life long friend Connor. After this picture Preston went on his way to go to grad party after grad party. The rest of us all went to the KSTC to enjoy the pool, the tennis courts, pizza, and a beautiful day.
Sunday was our party for Preston and Connor. Connor's parents invited us to hold this joint graduation a year ago when they moved out of the culde-sac. Before the move we always planned to have a big joint party in the culde-sac. Their new house is so nice, and it was an absolutely perfect place to hold the joint party. The adults all had fun, the littles all had fun, an most importantly, the graduates all had fun.
Preston and Connor made a slide show with pictures of themselves throughout the years. They did a wonderful job on the slide show, they said that their goal was to make their mom's cry...I think they accomplished that goal. Here is an old scrap book page from one of Tina's scrapbooks.
Here they are at the party. Yes, they will be roommates (along with another friend Nick) in college this fall at Western Washington University.
We had plenty of food for everyone. In fact, I just had a little left over for a snack a few minutes ago.

It was great to see so many of Preston and Connor's friends take the time to come to the grad party. Really, this party was for all of them. Congrats class of 2015!
How about a few more pics? This is me with my parents. Yes, we really did have a great visit. They are already home in Florida after flying all night.
Come join in the picture Maren!
I always seem to get a picture of the sisters. Stef, Maren, and Melanie.
The twins were just a blur the whole party. Connor has cousins the same age and they were going every which way with water sprayers and swimsuits. This is about the best photo I got of the kids.
Here is Hansen and Kole getting in some ping pong.
Lillie and Stef hanging out.
Maren, John, Carol, and our neighbor Lak.

This really was a great weekend. Nothing could have gone better in my opinion. Thanks again to Mark and Tina for letting us use their house for this party. It was perfect! I can't believe we will be doing this all again for Hansen in three years, then Lillie three years later.

See you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Julian: can you tell me what all the symbols mean next to Preston's name (in the printed program)? Thanks. Your posts are always interesting and I enjoy all the photos. Congrats to Preston! I am glad Ellen and Robert got to be there for his graduation. Molly

Ellen said...

Wow, what a wonderful graduation weekend! We're so glad we were there! Preston, Hansen, and Lillie are such great young people, and we're so proud of all of them - and their parents! It was a privilege to be there.

Amber said...

The photos are all great! Mom & Dad look so good for having just flown across the country! Preston's awards so amazing and it's even more amazing that he and Connor have been buddies since they were toddlers - and the'll go on to be roommates in college. Fantastic.

PS: I showed Chuck Preston's awesome hair and he said "well, he should enjoy it while he has it!"

Bernice said...

I put a long message on your blog last night and I don't see it now. I'm going to try
and see if this will appear. Congratulations to the graduates.

Bernice said...

It looks like it is going through now. If it works, I'll post a message like I did last