Saturday, June 20, 2015

Driving, Dance, and Frolf. Oh My.

Good evening, it is Saturday.

Yesterday Hansen and I took a bit of a road trip. We didn't go very far, but we did need his passport and/or birth certificate. Living close to Canada you may think a visit to Vancouver was in order? Nope. It was a trip to the DMV.
Hansen is now a proud owner of drivers permit. Legal to drive. In fact he wanted to drive home. Whoa, lets slow down just a second. Hansen has drivers education starting on Tuesday. Maybe after a week or two of class he can start driving me around. I'm sure Hansen will be an excellent driver.

Today we got to go to one of the best shows of the year. Lillie's year end dance recital. There were tons of dances to watch. I liked Lillie's dance the best for sure! There were super cute hip hop routines, solo routines, ballet routines and more.
Lillie's team photo. A few of her dancemates were not in this photo, but they were in the performance.
Here they are on stage.
Lillie even had a solo part in her dance.
Flowers and cousins after the show.
Lillie made these nails for the dance performance. Actually she may have changed them. I can't keep up with her amazing nail designs.
Preston even ran into one of his best childhood friends at the recital. Andrew graduated last year. These two could solve the rubix cube like nobody. As in better than anyone.
And this motley group of guys is the officially unofficial frolf club enjoying their year end official banquet. Preston was voted MVP! Now that the majority of these guys are graduated, it is now an old person frolf club, and I was even invited to join once in a while. There goes the average age! And average score. Doh.

I hope everyone enjoys Fathers Day tomorrow! I'm sure I will. Cant wait to hang out and watch some of the U.S. Open!

See you tomorrow.

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Ellen said...

It sounds like Lillie's dance recital went great - and look at those nails! Congrats to Hansen on getting his learner's permit!