Sunday, June 07, 2015

Carnival, Friends, and The Relay. Post 1.

Good morning, it is Sunday.

I've left myself with too many photos and topics for one blog post once again. But this time I'm going to make two blog posts. Yes, there is overlap of time, but it works better for my brain. First, the Carnival.
Friday was Grass Lake Elementary's carnival. This was our 9th or 10th GL carnival. We have been to like every one since Preston was in 3rd grade! This PTA knows how to put on a carnival for sure. This is not just a picture of the crowd, Hansen and some his friends are back for some alumni carnival fun!
You should see the road rash Lillie got on the back of her thigh from one of these bouncy houses. Yikes.
Lillie with a couple of her Emilies. Lillie has so many friends named Emily, Emma, or Emmiline that I can't keep them all straight.
The dunk tank list. Lillie has been waiting her whole life to be in the dunk tank. It is kind of a 6th grade rite of passage at the GL carnival. Kids line up for miles to dunk their favorite 6th grader.
Oh yes! I was the first person to dunk my favorite 6th grader. But I wasn't the last to dunk her. In her 5 minute turn of dunking, she probably went in a dozen times! Awesome!
Maren and a soaking wet Lillie. Yes, she brought a change of clothes.  Then spent the night with a couple of Emmas.
Oh my, you can't forget about the raffle baskets! Hansen and Lillie (and maybe me too) spent way more than we should have on raffle tickets. But no. No winners from our clan.
Yesterday at 2:30 Hansen was meeting up with his Relay For Life team for their walk. But he couldn't show up without Hansen's Soda! After dropping him off it was back home for some BBQ with Judy, Maren and Lillie. Preston was out partying with friends as Graduation parties and going away parties are in full swing for the graduating seniors.
Without the boys home, Lillie got to start the bonfire and have the best seat for roasting marshmallows.
Maren and Judy went over ALA plans. We also had some great grub and took Murphy (Judy's incredibly awesome dog) for a walk. It was a very nice visit for sure. Judy even dropped off a few US Open tickets for me! Thanks Judy!

See you tomorrow, or in my next post.

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Amber said...

I would hate to get dunked! But I would totally drink one of Hansen's sodas and walk for hours at the Relay for Life! Part 1 is awesome! On to part 2!