Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Another Graduation?

Good evening, it is Tuesday.

This afternoon was a graduation of sorts. Lillie graduated from elementary school. Today marked the last of her elementary career, and the half way mark of her public education. Actually I guess it was called moving up day. I'm not sure what makes me feel older, having a high school graduate or no longer having any children in elementary school. Hmm.
Before the ceremony was the All School Picnic. Maren and I were able to attend.
There were plenty of Lillie photos in the slide show! On the right are Lillie and Emma in their My Little Pony sweatshirts. There were slides from the moving on 6th graders from all years of their elementary years.
The sixth graders got to do a parade around their entire school that ended in the gym (full of us parents) just in time for the festivities.
Lillie was awarded the Presidential Academic Award for excellence in learning and earning excellent grades!
Her school has four 6th grade classes. This is the bulk of her class getting their completion awards.

Yesterday Lillie (as well as all the 6th graders from other schools) got to spend the day at the middle school. Tour the building and even eat lunch there. I'd say if anyone was ever ready for elementary school to end and middle school to begin, it is Lillie...she could probably just skip middle school all together and head right to high school!

See you tomorrow.


Ellen said...

Congratulations to Lillie for doing so well in elementary school! It's great that she got to spend a day at her new middle school -we're sure she'll do great there.

Amber said...

Congratulations, Lillie! I hope you love middle school. I love your outfit!!!