Saturday, May 23, 2015

Senior Awards Night Got Talent.

Good morning, it is Saturday.

It's the 23rd of May already! Slow down this train, objects are passing by so fast that the calendar can't even keep up. This week at the high school was Senior Awards Night and Kentlake's Got Talent.
In case you were not ready for your senior to graduate and leave home, the giant ALOHA kind of hits you smack in the face. This is some of Preston's friends playing music before the event.
There were a few breaks from awards for musical performances. Here Preston and John play a very fancy duet of Cantina Band from Star Wars.
Preston's awards. Wow! Congratulations Preston on a very impressive High School career. There may be a couple little errors in spelling on this board (frolf, not rolf) but I'm thinking the Naruto statistic is spot on. They gave Preston an large envelope full of award certificates, very impressive!

Also this week was Kentlake's Got Talent. The school's talent show. They had fake judges and the show totally was run like the TV show. Very fun!
These two were amazing. This girl sung amazing and the guy was doing all kinds of cool break dancing and pausing in crazy headstands and such. There were lots of great talents for sure. And in between the good performances were fun spoof performances that would all get "x" out by the judges.
Yes, the judges were the real thing. Preston's friend Carson played a great Howard Stern.
Preston and a group of friends did a Spongebob song. Preston can sing quite well. This group was in between a spoof and a real group. They didn't get boo'd off the stage, but they got DQd because their lead singer was a substitute teacher that all the kids like and who is part of the frolf club. Fun!
Last picture. Grasp this: Carol took this picture on her new smart phone after Senior Awards Night. Then texted it to me. All by herself! Hah. Welcome to the digital age Carol!

See you tomorrow.


Amber said...

Wow - It's all too amazing. Well done, Preston!

Ellen said...

We're so proud of Preston- well done! It's great to see everybody having so much fun!