Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Good evening, it is Wednesday.

This will be an exciting month for Preston. Awards season is upon us, then graduation. Last night was the Kent Rotary awards celebration. This celebration honored the top 5% of students in the Kent School District. I'm guessing the Kent School District will be graduating around 2,000 students next month. I'd guess that somewhere between 15 and 20 students from each of the four high schools along with their parents showed up for the celebration. After snacks there were a few speeches then the principal from each school introduced their students.
Inside this flyer was printed the names of the top 5 percent. Many of the students from Preston's school we recognized from way back in elementary school. My personal experience says that this class of 2015 is an amazing group of kids of which the world is lucky to have them.
Preston receiving his certificate.
The group of students from Kentlake High School who attended.
Some good friends hanging out after the celebration.
And a special gem for you. Preston tied his tie in what he called the trinity knot. He says he has other knots up his sleeve for future use.

See you tomorrow.

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Ellen said...

Congratulations to Preston! How wonderful - we're so proud of him!